Balkans | National Defense Minister Akar: The threat of Greece is out of the question for us

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Balkans |  National Defense Minister Akar: The threat of Greece is out of the question for us

National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said, “We are saying everything that needs to be done within the framework of international law and good neighborly relations. Turkey is not a threat to anyone, Turkey is a strong, reliable and effective ally.” He said.

National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said, regarding the tripartite meeting held by the defense ministers of Turkey, Russia and Syria and the intelligence chiefs, that our technical delegations will hold their meetings in the coming days as a continuation of this meeting. He said.

In his speech on the occasion of the Distinguished Observer Day of the winter exercise, Akar stated the largest participation in the history of the republic, which he recited with the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan, General Zakir Hasanov, the Minister of Defense of Georgia, Juansher Borchuladze, and the leadership of the Turkish Armed Forces. It pursued a reasonable, logical and stable foreign policy.

Akar pointed out that despite all the efforts made by Turkey in this direction, Greece continues to engage in provocative and escalating actions and rhetoric, “We are trying to deal with what Greece is doing as calmly as possible.” He said.

Akar drew attention to Greece’s arming of the islands in violation of international agreements and provocative visits by Greek officials, and said: “In response to our call for peace and dialogue, Greece is seeking to establish artificial alliances and pointless arming efforts, while NATO is still standing, against the spirit of alliance and good-neighbourliness. And we expect them to understand that.” Use the phrase.

Akar emphasized that Turkey’s calls for dialogue should not be seen as weakness and that the “we will not allow the fait accompli” speech to be seen as a threat, “We do not threaten Greece. We say what needs to be done within the framework of international law and good neighborly relations. Turkey is not a threat to anyone, Turkey is an ally Strong, reliable and effective. We have never allowed any fait accompli in Cyprus, the Aegean Sea or the eastern Mediterranean, and will not do so in the future. We have not violated our rights in any way, nor will we. We are determined, determined and able to protect and protect our rights and laws” . He said his words.

Pointing out that Turkey has succeeded in fulfilling its role in NATO and has been doing it for 71 years, Akar said that strengthening Turkey means strengthening NATO. Turning to Turkey’s supply of F-16s from the United States, Akar said:

The information we have received in our official communications is positive so far. We expect this to be completed as soon as possible with positive and tangible steps. We continue to convey these requests to our interlocutors through official means. We also see that there are various initiatives against it. We believe that the modernization and procurement work will lead to positive results by leaving all these matters aside and moving forward with reason, logic and objective criteria. Strong Turkey Strong Turkish Armed Forces. A strong NATO means a strong alliance. This is how everyone should know.”

Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership process

Stating that Turkey has supported NATO’s open-door policy from the very beginning, Akar also made assessments on the NATO membership process of Sweden and Finland. Pointing out the need for Sweden and Finland to act in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed in Madrid, Akar said, “The extradition of terrorists there to Turkey within the framework of combating terrorism is a natural consequence of this Memorandum of Understanding. Everyone should see this. We expect this. As long as terrorists are supported, not fulfilled.” With commitments and export restrictions continue, it is not possible for Turkey to say ‘yes’ to this in any way. Unfortunately, not enough concrete steps have been taken on these issues, especially by Sweden. He said.

Akar shared the following regarding the tripartite meeting held in Moscow by the defense ministers and heads of Turkish, Russian and Syrian intelligence:

“As we always say, our only goal is terrorists, we are making efforts to protect our borders and our citizens from terrorism, on the other hand, we have said that we do not want an additional flow of refugees, and therefore we are doing our best to keep our Syrian brothers and sisters in their land. We have put on the agenda that we are making Efforts to ensure the return of our Syrian brothers and sisters in Turkey to their lands and homes in a safe, voluntary and respectful manner, depending on the provision of well-being, security and peace in the coming days.. In addition, we have Syrian brothers and sisters with both Syria and Turkey, and we are working with them. It is not out of the question to say or do Anything against these brothers would put them in trouble. In the coming days, our technical committees will hold their meetings as a continuation of this meeting. We are doing our best to get results.”

Our aim is not war.

Our goal here is not war. Akar said that they are continuing to work to protect the rights and interests of the homeland and the nation, and to ensure its security and defense, and that they are working to keep preparations at the highest level.

Pointing out that TAF, which carried out 985 exercises in the past five years, carried out 225 exercises in 2022, Akar explained that 206 exercises are planned in 2023.

While the world is going through a period of uncertainty, risks and threats, Akar stated that Turkey has become a subject with its initiatives in this sensitive period, and that Turkey’s sphere of influence and interests has expanded as a natural consequence of this.

“We don’t have a goal in the form of an occupation.”

Akar referred to ensuring border security with the most severe control measures in the history of the Republic, and said that they had prevented the passage of 1,488,000 fugitives in the past five years, and that 2,400 terrorists out of 797,000 prisoners had been handed over. to enforce the law.

Akar pointed out that all counter-terrorism activities are carried out within the scope of self-defense, as follows:

“We have no intention of harassing, raping or occupying. What we are doing are operations within the framework of self-defense to protect our country and our nation. While doing so, everyone from the top to the top is aware of this fact, whether it is in the planning stage or in the implementation stage, in all Operations from start to finish.Every precaution is taken to avoid harming innocent people.In addition,every precaution is taken to ensure that historical, religious and cultural structures are not damaged.Moreover, all kinds of sensitivity and care are shown in both the planning and execution of our works in order not to harm the environment “In this struggle, our only target in the operations we are conducting, both at home and abroad, is the terrorists. This must be well known. It must be well seen. Everyone must be vigilant and vigilant against collisions and distortions.”

“Kurds and Turks lie side by side in our martyrs”

Akar explained that they are continuing to fight all kinds of terrorist groups and organizations:

Everyone should know that we are in no way operational against ethnic, religious or sectarian groups. Some sedition groups try to stir up sedition by distorting it in such a way that there is such a thing in our operations. Everyone knows that this is in no way real. However, these discord and mischief-makers do so deliberately to discriminate. We know that Turks and Kurds have lived together for centuries. They took the girls, they gave the girls, we shared the same bread, we shared the same water. We have cleansed this land of the enemy. We established this republic. We raised these flags. The best proof of this is that the Kurds and Turks lie side by side in our cemeteries.

Minister Akar stated that Turkey will continue its efforts to create an environment of peace with countries such as Libya, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Somalia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Seas.


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