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Balkans |  NATO sends AWACS aircraft to Romania

NATO is preparing to send airborne early warning aircraft, known as AWACS, to Romania to monitor Russian military air activities.

According to the NATO statement, the AWACS aircraft will arrive in Romania on January 17. The aircraft will be used to strengthen NATO’s presence in the region and monitor the military activities of the Russian Air Force.

NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu, emphasizing NATO’s determination to protect and defend every square centimeter of the Alliance, said: “Our AWACS aircraft can detect other aircraft kilometers away. This places our aircraft among NATO’s key deterrence and defense capabilities.” Use his statements.

After Russia attacked Ukraine, NATO increased its presence in Eastern Europe. For this purpose, warplanes, additional reconnaissance and reconnaissance aircraft, and tanker aircraft were sent to the region.

Since the beginning of the war, NATO AWACS aircraft have made regular patrol flights over Eastern Europe and the Baltic region to monitor Russian warplanes near NATO borders.

The AWACS aircraft that will be sent to Romania from the fleet stationed at Geilenkirchen base in Germany will also carry out reconnaissance flights in NATO airspace for several weeks. Along with the aircraft, approximately 180 personnel will be deployed to Romania.

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