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Balkans |  Natural gas has started flowing from Türkiye to Bulgaria

In line with its goal of making Turkey an energy hub, BOTAŞ continues to reap the rewards of its investments in LNG, FSRU and natural gas transmission lines. In line with the agreement signed on January 03, 2023, which stipulates the delivery of natural gas to Bulgaria via the Marmara Erglisi LNG terminal, the first shipment started with the ceremony held on April 12, 2023.

Bulgarian Energy Minister Rosen Hristov, General Manager of BOTAŞ Burhan Özkan, and General Manager of BOLGARAZ Denica Zlativa attended the ceremony, which was held at BOTAŞ Marmara Erglisi LNG terminal.

Historic day for Turkey and Bulgaria

Bulgarian Energy Minister Hristov said: “This cooperation is of great importance for Bulgaria’s energy security. It is important not only for Bulgaria, but for the whole of Southeast and Central Europe. We consider Turkey a reliable partner and will definitely expand our cooperation.”

In his statement at the ceremony, BOTAŞ General Manager Özkan emphasized that today is a very important day for Turkey and Bulgaria.

Ozcan stated that they started working closely with Bulgar Gas upon the appointment of the Presidents of Turkey and Bulgaria on December 9, 2022 and said: “We signed this important agreement on January 3 with the extensive support of our Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. The Bulgarian Minister of Energy. As of today, we are implementing the first LNG loading process within the scope of this agreement. We can say that this is the first link to a study that will contribute to securing energy supplies not only in our country, but also in Bulgaria and Europe. I hope that this work that we will do will be beneficial to our country, Bulgaria and Europe. In the coming period These uploads will continue within a certain period.”

1.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be delivered annually

Burhan Özkan “Today’s delivery will be close to 55 million cubic meters, but we will have a total annual delivery of 1.5 billion cubic meters. This capacity is in a position to develop upwards as orders increase. Technically, we have that opportunity.” He said.

Step by step towards the goal of an energy center with advanced energy infrastructure

Ozkan explained that Turkey’s daily LNG conversion capacity has reached 161 million cubic meters as a result of the investments that have been made, and said: “This number corresponds to the annual conversion of more than 50 billion cubic meters of natural gas into gas. We are opening this growing and strong infrastructure of our country for the use of other European countries together with our neighbor Bulgaria. In this regard, we are currently going through a really awkward day together.” Use the phrase.

In addition to its long-term plans and investments, Turkey has also implemented energy diplomacy with great precision and success, establishing a robust energy infrastructure using natural gas purchased from different parts of the world, whether in the form of liquefied natural gas or through pipelines in the framework. The agreements are short and long term. Benefiting from its geographical location, Turkey is moving closer to its goal of becoming a central country in the field of energy, especially natural gas, and supplies gas from many different points in the world through 5 LNG terminals and 7 natural gas pipelines.

Ensuring the security of energy supply, BOTAŞ has made our country a step closer to its goal of being a natural gas trade center by turning the transportation infrastructure it has developed over many years into an advantage in the international arena with its cooperation and investments. BOTAŞ, the engineer of uninterruptible power, will continue to take the steps of the future in the field of energy with determination, with new investments and mega projects to be realized.

Turkey’s first LNG facility: Marmara Ereglisi LNG Terminal

The Marmara Erglisi LNG Terminal has a total storage capacity of 255 thousand cubic meters and is capable of transporting LNG, which has doubled to 37 million cubic meters per day, to the transportation system by gasification. In this way, a large part of our country’s natural gas needs are met by LNG and FSRU ground stations. Under the signed agreement, 1.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be sold annually to Bulgaria for a period of 13 years. With the investments made and these agreements, our country is taking firm steps towards its goal of creating an energy center.

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