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Balkans |  New release from the BDI “Fire Range”.

In North Macedonia, the Democratic Union for Integration (BDI), which has been in power for many years in the Albanian political wing, is not calm.

In the Union for Democratic Integration (BDI), the opposition within the party and the people as a “fiery group” held a press conference today.

BDI Vice President and Vice President Izzat Mesiti criticized First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grobi and Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, saying their work had the worst results.

“Making decisions has become the exclusive prerogative of Artan Groppi,” said Misetti. “It has caused a split in the party members.” He said.

Misiti added that Groppi and the foreign minister had the weakest scores in government, and that for the first time, the Albanian opposition’s rating had surpassed that of the BDI.

And participated in the press conference of the group described as the “fire group” Mayor of the Palace Palm Bechetti and Mayor Jair Visar Janio and former director Musa Kafri and Deputy Castriot Rexibi, where as well as Majiti.

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