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Bursa Nilufer Women’s Choir, which gives all its concerts in Turkey for the benefit of social projects, continues to promote Turkish culture and Turkish music abroad. The group will perform a concert in Bulgaria in the coming days.

The choir, which has given concerts in 8 countries to which it was invited before, including Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Holland, Italy, Latvia, Portugal and Cyprus, will hold its 178th and 179th concerts in Bulgaria for the second time.

The choir, which will give two concerts as the only choir invited from Turkey to attend the Choirs Festival organized by the Bulgarian municipality of Targovhist, will sing a joint song with other choirs from different countries of the world. choirmaster Dr. Aysel Gurel; “We are very happy that we are going as the guest of Targovhest Municipality in Bulgaria. We take great pride in promoting Turkish culture, Turkish music and Turkish women, and we see these promotions as a great service to our country. I believe that our demand at home and abroad is due to the diversity of our choir. We are making great efforts for this difference, We are glad to see that these efforts are rewarded in this way. Our goal is to contribute to the promotion of our country by holding concerts in other countries that we have not been to yet. We also thank the Municipality of Bursa Nilufer for providing transportation support from Bursa to Bulgaria. “The choir, which will return from Bulgaria on June 6, held a concert on June 19 in favor of the Yenişehir Charity Association in Yenişehir district of Bursa, and also organized various activities in favor of the earthquake victims.

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