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Balkans |  North Macedonian Prime Minister Kovačevski meets with the US Senator

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Dimitar Kovačevski has received Senator Chris Murphy of the US Congress who is in the country for talks.

After the closed meeting, Kovaczewski and Murphy held a joint press conference.

In a statement, Kovaczewski said they had received assurances from Murphy that the United States would continue to support North Macedonia in all of its goals, especially membership in the European Union.

Noting that they talked about strengthening cooperation between the two countries during the meeting, Kovacevsky said that 30 years after his country’s independence, and thanks to the support of the United States of America, his country has become a country with a stabilizing factor in the Western Balkans. , a member of NATO and chair of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).

Noting that the United States of America and North Macedonia have demonstrated the concept of partnership in action, Kovacevsky said, “Over the past thirty years, we have received the greatest support for reform processes in our country from our American friends, who have made a strong commitment to the democratization of our society. This is thirty years of support to support Good governance, combating corruption and supporting democratic processes in the country, including promoting and advancing the country’s economic development. He said.

Touching on the economic partnership between the two countries, Kovacevsky said that trade with the United States exceeded a quarter of a billion dollars last year, and that there are currently 12 large American companies in the country.

Murphy: “It would be worrisome for a NATO country to turn its back on the European Union”

US Senator Murphy also said that the two countries have been security partners for a long time, and they have proven this through the union they formed to make Ukraine pay for violating international law by ruthlessly invading Russia.

Noting the strong and growing economic partnership between the two countries, Murphy said more American companies are operating in the country now than in the past.

Murphy emphasized that one of the reasons for his visit was to encourage US government partners, members of Parliament and the people of North Macedonia to “support decisions to join the EU and take the necessary steps to make enlargement possible,” Murphy said, “I know it’s been a long road for the EU. I know many are asking. Legitimate questions about whether the European Union is a real possibility. Many people said the same thing about NATO, “North Macedonia will never receive an invitation from NATO.” But you have taken the difficult steps necessary to make that invitation possible. You have signed a landmark agreement that allows this to happen Calling, North Macedonia today is a member of NATO.” He said.

Expressing that the crisis caused by the Ukraine war has awakened the European Union to keep its doors open and that there is a new opportunity for the expansion of the European Union, Murphy noted that it would not be possible for Ukraine to join the European Union without the Balkan countries.

Noting that at this point, constitutional changes in North Macedonia provide a clear opportunity for the country’s membership in the European Union, Murphy said, “We are also clear about the impact on relations with the United States if Macedonia pursues a different path, and decides not to amend the constitution and leave the union path.” European. Use the phrase.

The meeting included First Deputy Prime Minister of North Macedonia Artan Grob, North Macedonian Defense Minister Slavanka Petrovska, US Ambassador to Skopje Angela P. Aguilera and other officials.

– Constitutional amendments to be made in North Macedonia

North Macedonia, which started negotiations with the EU by holding its first intergovernmental conference last year, needs to include the Bulgarians in the Constitution of North Macedonia, among other things, within the scope of EU Council conclusions.

North Macedonia will not be able to open a chapter with the European Union without including the Bulgarians in the constitution.

For this to happen, a two-thirds majority of the 120-seat parliament is needed, i.e. 80 deputies.

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