Balkans | Orsik Trabzonspor: We did a good job with my teacher in Zagreb. I think we’ll do the same thing here.

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Balkans |  Orsik Trabzonspor: We did a good job with my teacher in Zagreb.  I think we’ll do the same thing here.

Trabzonspor’s new transfer Mislav Orsic said he believes he will do a successful job in the Burgundy blue team with his former coach Nenad Bjelica, as they did at Dinamo Zagreb.

Croatian player Orsic, who is part of the team that continues its pre-season preparations in Kranj, Slovenia, answered questions from members of the press in front of the hotel.

Orsic stated that although the transfer process took a little longer between clubs, it was very quick for him, adding: “After speaking to our coach, I made the decision around the same day. He said he wanted to be with me. I made that decision.” Same day. I’m happy to be here. Hopefully we’ll have a good season, and we’ll see where the scoreboard is at the end of the season with my teammates.” He said.

Noting that he had the opportunity to work with Nenad Bjelica in Zagreb for two years, the Croatian actress said, “We have a good relationship from there. I have a lot of respect. We’ve seen what a great coach he is and a very good one. We did a good job in Zagreb. I think we’ll do the same.” Here. My teacher is a coach who wants more and more. I hope we leave laughing at the end of the season.” He said.

Orsik, when asked what Bilica’s words affected him, said: “He expressed his desire to see me here, that he wanted to work. He told us that we will win big successes and titles this season. Of course we have to do well. During the pre-season camp, it will be a good process for For me and my teammates to get to know her. After getting to know each other better, I hope we can do well at the end of the season.” Use the phrase.

Explaining that he has worked in many clubs, Orsic said, “I can say I’ve traveled all over the world. Maybe it’s a bit funny situation, but I had the chance to experience it. We played against Fenerbahçe at Dinamo Zagreb. I know about the Turkish league, but no I can say ‘I know very well’. We’ll work hard over time and see what we can do in the league.” He said.

“My very dear friend is with Petkovic”

Orsic stated that he had seen the news related to Bruno Petkovic, who is on the Trabzonspor transfer schedule, and said:

“The situation is not easy for the club and for him. I don’t want to comment too much, but I can say that he is a very good friend with him. We played together for 5 years in Dinamo Zagreb and the national team. Many goals and assists made each other. I will be happy to have the opportunity to play together again , But it would be better if I didn’t comment too much on the overall issue.”

Expressing the crowd’s welcome at the airport, Ursic said, “Thank you very much for this. Before I came, I knew how excited the fans are. Their passion is an additional source of motivation. I also saw pictures in the media about the celebrations. I was very touched when I saw the ships. I hope To witness the same successes and celebrations this year.” He said.

Orsic stated that everyone on the team helped him by being very polite and said, “When the players in the national team join, we’ll have the chance to work together and talk. When they join us again, we’ll have the chance to work more.” He said.

Noting that his main position is on the left wing, Ursic said: “We played as a second striker before while working with our coach. I also played when he gave me two missions as a striker. I will play wherever our mentor wants to take advantage of me.” He said.


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