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Balkans |  Parisians hold a referendum on electric scooters

People living in Paris, the capital of France, are voting on a referendum that will determine the future of the electric scooter rental service.

While 2.5 million people benefit from the electric scooter service in France, these vehicles can be rented in more than 200 cities including Paris.

Companies named Lime, Dott and Tier in Paris provide electric scooter rental services to approximately 400,000 people per month.

Mostly young people and tourists prefer scooters.

It is noteworthy that 1 in 5 accidents in Paris are caused by two people riding electric bicycles.

At the initiative of the Paris municipality, the city’s residents will vote “yes” or “no” for the electric scooter rental service in about 200 locations between 09:00 and 19:00 local time.

On the other hand, the age of using electric scooters in the country will be raised to 14 in the near future.

An AA reporter asked the public on the streets of Paris what they thought about the electric scooter rental service and the referendum.

Gael Cheroux, 25, stated that he had difficulty using the metro due to the closed area and that he prefers electric scooters for transportation in Paris.

Chiro said he would vote in the referendum to continue using electric scooters.

Another scooter user, Natash Nikama, stated that he would not vote in the referendum, but was against abolishing the rental of electric scooters.

Commenting on the metro, Nikaima said, “At least you get to your destination on time with the electric scooter and we live in a big city, so we can see the Eiffel Tower.” He said.

Better control demand for scooters

Roxane Gakou, rental electric scooter users who don’t care about cars and can leave them on the street as soon as they happen; On the contrary, he stated, the scooter owners he knows personally take good care of their vehicles.

Jaco expressed his desire to better control scooter use and reduce the number of scooters in traffic.

“There are electric scooters everywhere.”

Jolene, who lives in a suburb of Paris and does not want to give her last name, said she was against electric scooters and said: “There are electric scooters everywhere, in parks, roads and sidewalks.” He said.

Noting that electric scooters can be dangerous, Jolene said mothers who drive strollers or disabled people who use wheelchairs may have to take off the road because of these vehicles.

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