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Balkans |  Parliament Speaker Şentop continued his contacts in Serbia

Parliament Speaker Mustafa Sentop met with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

He received the President of Serbia, Sintop, who came to Belgrade for the 60th meeting of the General Assembly, at which the presidency of the Parliamentary Assembly for Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC) was transferred to Turkey.

Sentop conveyed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s greetings to Vucic at the meeting held at the Presidential Palace, and congratulated Vucic on the establishment of the new parliament and government.

Sintop expressed his belief that the momentum gained in relations with Serbia at the level of governments and parliaments will continue to increase, and stated that there was a great intensity in the movement of mutual diplomacy with the development of relations between the two countries.

Recalling that 7 different agreements were signed during President Erdoğan’s visit on September 7, Şentop said that the ID card travel agreement, among which, had a great influence on the public opinion of the two countries. Şentop said, “We have completed the process of internal approval of the agreement in our country. It will enter into force after its approval in Serbia as well.” He said.

Stating that with the development of bilateral political relations, economic and trade cooperation has also improved, Şentop thanked Vucic for his support to Turkish investors.

Owentop said: “With the development of our economic relations, the volume of bilateral trade between us reached $2 billion last year. It is expected to reach $2.5 billion by the end of this year. We are moving forward with firm steps, which is our medium-term goal of $5 billion.” . He said.

President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop met with Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić

Sentop also met with Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić

Owentop congratulated Brnabić on his re-election and expressed his belief that the bilateral relations, which have gained positive momentum, will become stronger with the new government.

Ontop expressed satisfaction with the growing solidarity between Turkey and Serbia, both bilaterally and on multilateral platforms, “However, we need to continue striving for the best and improving these relations to higher levels.” He said.

Expressing their happiness at seeing a promising picture in economic relations, Mostafa SentopThey indicated that they encourage Turkish companies to invest in Serbia. Ontop emphasized that Turkish investments in Serbia reached 1 million 400 million dollars in the past ten years, and the volume of bilateral trade increased to 2 billion dollars.

Parliament Speaker Şentop emphasized that as of the end of October, 320,000 tourists from Serbia visited Turkey and more than 100,000 Turkish citizens visited Serbia in the same period, and a historical record was broken, and we believe it will raise it, “he said.

Zentop also thanked Serbia for its support in the fight against terrorism. Explaining that the FETÖ’s support for foreign terrorists is very important for Turkey, Sentop also pointed out the importance of cooperation in the extradition requests of the PKK terrorists.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić stressed the importance of Turkish initiatives in the Russian-Ukrainian war and emphasized President Erdogan’s efforts.

President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop said, “As Turkey, we have been trying to extinguish this fire from the beginning under the leadership of our president. We continue to work firmly to ensure a ceasefire as soon as possible.” He gave the message that Turkey will continue to work for peace.

President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop met with President of the Serbian National Assembly Orlić

President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop and President of the Serbian National Assembly Vladimir Orlik held a meeting between the two delegations.

Parliament Speaker Sintop and Orlik held a joint press conference after the meeting.

Sintop, as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Babsec, thanked Orlik for hosting the 60th meeting of the General Assembly and for his hospitality, conveying his congratulations and best wishes for his position as Chairman of the Association which he took office in August.

Owentop stated that he believed they could work closely to develop the good relations that existed between the Serbian National Assembly and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and invited Vladimir Orlik to Turkey. Ontube expressed his desire to continue close cooperation not only at the level of association presidents, but also between delegations before specialized committees, friendship groups and parliamentary assemblies with joint members.

In this context, Mustafa Şentop, at the General Assembly meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly for the Southeast European Cooperation Process, which is scheduled to be held in the near future, expressed his proposal to permanently move the Assembly’s secretariat to Istanbul and asked for his support. .

Expressing his satisfaction with the positive developments in bilateral relations that have led to upward developments in trade, investment and tourism figures, Şentop said, “We believe that the Identity Travel Agreement, which we signed in September and which we expect to complete the internal approval process for its entry into force in Serbia, will increase these figures.” “. He said.

Noting the importance of peace in the Balkans as well as bilateral relations, President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop said:

We believe that the basis of Europe’s security and stability is confidence, stability and peace in the Balkans. Turkey and Serbia are the foundation of peace, stability and trust in the Balkans. That is why, as parliamentarians, we will improve our relations and do our best to contribute to peace and stability in our region. We have mutually expressed our resolve on this issue with the president.”

Orlik: “We need to fulfill the wishes of both leaders”

The Speaker of the Serbian National Assembly, Vladimir Orlik, said that they and Şentop discussed how relations between parliaments could be improved.

All our relations with Turkey are at the highest level. Everything depends on the friendly relationship between President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Serbian President Vucic.” Orlik said, stressing the importance of good relations between the two countries.

Expressing that such visits show the results of projects and relations between the two countries, Şentop emphasized that there are large investments from Turkey to Serbia and 10 thousand people are working thanks to the investments of Turkish companies.

Vladimir Orlik said: “Compared to the previous year, we have exceeded our turnover by 40 percent. Use phrases.

We will continue to develop relations with Turkey.

Emphasizing that the volume of foreign trade with Turkey will exceed 2.5 million euros next year, Orlik said that infrastructure projects are particularly important for Serbia and that the renovated Novi Pazar-Totin road was opened in October.

Stating that very meaningful projects are being implemented in the country with the support of Turkey, Orlik said that one of the most important of these projects is the Sarajevo-Belgrade highway project.

Finally, Orlik indicated that they would continue to develop good relations with Turkey.

Şentop met community representatives of the Sanjak district of Serbia

Şentop, who received the association’s representatives in the Sandzak region of Serbia at the Turkish embassy in Belgrade, said, within the framework of his official contacts in Serbia, that they see citizens of Sanjak origin as a solid bridge of friendship between Turkey and Serbia. .

Şentop emphasized the importance of stability and economic development in Sancak, and stated that transportation infrastructure should be strengthened for the development of the region.

Noting that developing relations with Serbia will help Bosnian Sanjak feel more comfortable, Ontop expressed that positive progress in relations with Serbia is also important for achieving peace and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans.

President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop also held a meeting with Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic.


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