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Balkans |  Parliamentarians visited Karjali

Members of the Internal Affairs Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM), who visited Bulgaria at the invitation of Hamid Hamit, Chairman of the Internal Affairs Committee of the Bulgarian People’s Assembly, visited Karjali today.

The delegation met with the Mayor of Karjali d. M. Hasan Aziz was received by Nawab Karjali and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH). During the meeting in the municipality, Korhan Kongero, Consul General of Plovdiv, Official Murat, Head of HÖH Kardzhali District, and mayors from Kardzhali District participated.

Following the meeting, Chairman of the Parliamentary Internal Affairs Committee Jalaluddin Guvinc and Mayor Dr. M. Hassan Aziz made a statement to the press.

President Aziz Jalaluddin Guvenc, Chairman of the Parliamentary Internal Affairs Committee, Hamid Hamid, Chairman of the Internal Affairs Committee of the Bulgarian Parliament, and members of the delegation thanked them for their visit. In his statement, President Aziz said: “We provided information to members of Parliament about the economic, social and political situation of Kurdjali and the security of the region. Once again, we agreed that relations between Turkey and Bulgaria are at the highest level in recent years. We said that these relations led to an increase in investments from Turkey to here and job opportunities were created for our people. We want to develop good-neighborly relations and friendship between the two countries and increase investments.”

In his statement to the press, Jalaluddin Guvenc, Chairman of the Parliamentary Home Affairs Committee, said: “First of all, I would like to thank you for your close attention. I would like to thank Mr. Hamid Hamid, Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee of the Bulgarian People’s Assembly, who designed this trip. Likewise, I would like to express my gratitude to the valuable deputies of Karjali and the Mayor of Karjali for their interest in us.Bulgaria and Turkey are two neighboring countries with a common border.The largest,2nd largest functioning border gate in Europe and the second largest functioning border gate in the world are located here.As between the two countries, most of the road supplies are provided of the European Union through these gates.Recently, the wave of irregular migration as a new problem has been troubling both Turkey, Bulgaria and Europe.Fighting criminal organizations, fighting terrorism and drug trafficking requires the two countries to work together.Given all this well, Turkey would like to overcome On the problems and the development of economic relations by establishing bilateral relations, especially with its neighbor Bulgaria.With the positive approach of the Bulgarian side in this matter, we began to achieve good results.We allowed Bulgarian citizens to visit Turkey with an identity card. Until the end of 2020, 2 million 600 thousand Bulgarian citizens visited Turkey. Our cooperation in the field of economy, which is in dire need of our people, is also developing well. Our trade volume reached 7 billion euros last year. It means the welfare of the people on both sides, it means bread for the people of both sides. Once again, the meetings initiated by the presidents of the two countries and then with the presidents of parliament and members of the Home Affairs Committee brought the friendly relations between the two countries to higher levels. Again, as you know, as a result of the Ukrainian-Russian war, the countries of the European Union experienced great difficulties in meeting their needs for gas. Turkey signed a gas supply agreement with Bulgaria that will last 13 years. This means that the people of Turkey and the people of Bulgaria will never face the gas problem. In parallel, the business world is also looking for investments in different parts of Bulgaria, starting with Kardzhali.

In addition to what I said, the Bulgarian side has a concern, which is the issue of irregular migration. We had very useful discussions about this in Sofia. Turkey is a country that hosts 4 million immigrants. It is the country most affected by immigration. For this reason, we have taken all kinds of measures to prevent our neighbors from being harmed by this immigration incident. We have taken various measures by increasing our police, military and technical equipment at the borders. We have largely prevented illegal immigrants from crossing our borders. Our struggle here is a decision made not only for the sake of Bulgaria and Turkey, but also for the European Union to suffer the least damage from this migration. That is why I said in Sofia that the European Union should see the problem instead of criticizing it and support Turkey and Bulgaria. Because this is a very difficult struggle and countries must work together on this issue. I state it very clearly. In recent years, there have been and will continue to be developments between the two countries, between the two governments, that will satisfy our peoples and contribute to their well-being. I would like to give two examples of these beautiful applications. Unfortunately, a Bulgarian policeman was killed by a Turkish citizen at the Turkish-Bulgarian border last year. We caught him right after this personal incident. Together with the Bulgarian Prosecutor’s Office, we have begun to prosecute this person. This is not a terrorist attack, nor is it an attack on members of a criminal organization. Only if someone attacked a thief. We share the pain of the Polesie family. In addition, as a Turkish state, we have provided all kinds of financial and moral assistance to the police family. In Sofia, the Ministry of the Interior and the Chief of the Interior Ministry expressed their gratitude to us in this regard. Once again, the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior recently held an event that pleased us. He seized the perpetrators of the terrorist attack on Istiklal Street in Bulgaria and handed them over to us. It’s time to work together. It’s time to develop peace, friendship and trade. This is what our people need. If you want to spawn and augment the runner, you will find plenty of materials for this, but you don’t have to. We need to bring water to the peace mill. We all need to work together for peace.” He said.

The delegation later visited the Karjali Provincial Mufti, Yeni Mosque and Merkez Mosque.

The regional Mufti of Karkale Basri Eminfendi welcomed the distinguished guests with his team and informed them about the Mufti’s activities and future projects.

Then the delegation was briefed on the new mosque. He gave information about its construction and gave his heartfelt thanks to those who helped and supported its construction, personally and on behalf of the people of Karjali.

After that, the delegation also visited the Central Mosque and prayed at the shrine of Gazi Kirca Ali.

The parliamentary delegation’s visit to Karjali ended with visits to the Producers Market and the Karjali Central Church.


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