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Balkans |  President Erdogan’s words made headlines in Greece

Türkiye has started the countdown to the elections. Many newspapers and televisions from all over the world have turned their eyes to Ankara in this process. The Greek media, which closely followed the election process, reported President Erdogan’s remarks to their headlines.

The world is following the developments in Ankara, moment by moment. As the countdown continues to the elections, which are emerging as one of the most important events of 2023, the Asia-based news agency ANI said: “The world is holding its breath and watching the Turkish elections.” The Greek press, which followed the elections closely, carried Erdogan’s statements to its headlines. Kathimerini appeared before its readers with the title “Erdogan sent TCG Anadolu to Izmir”.

The Greek newspaper reported the following statements: As Turkish President Erdogan said, TCG Anadolu, which is currently heading to Izmir to deliver appropriate messages from there, described Anatolia as the protector of the blue homeland. Referring to Erdogan’s announcement that TCG Anadolu will move to Izmir, ERT preferred the title “Erdogan’s Double Message”.

ERT emphasized that Erdogan’s move includes a two-way message. Emphasizing that Izmir is the stronghold of the opposition, the European Union Party stated that Izmir is also a message to Athens because it is close to Greece.

“The President of Turkey launched an attack on the opposition coalition and pointed to the new success of the Turkish defense industry, and even referred to the Blue Fatan,” Ta Nya, who gave wide coverage of Erdogan’s words in his news, said.

Proto Thema used the headline “TCG Anadolu crossed the Bosphorus under Erdogan’s gaze”. The Greek newspaper said, “The aircraft carrier sailed from the port of Istanbul to the Black Sea in a festive atmosphere.”

“Yesterday, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan organized the landing ceremony of the Anatolian aircraft carrier in the Black Sea,” Ikrikas commented.


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