Balkans | President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop visited Tefeyyüz Primary School, which provides education in Turkish, in Skopje.

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Balkans |  President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop visited Tefeyyüz Primary School, which provides education in Turkish, in Skopje.

President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop, as part of his visit to North Macedonia, visited Tefeyyüz Elementary School, which provides Turkish education in the capital, Skopje.

Sentop and his accompanying delegation were greeted by school principal Salahuddin Zakir, Mayor of Gayer Visar Janyu, teachers and students upon their arrival at Teviuz Primary School.

Sentop and his accompanying delegation who visited the monument erected in the school garden in memory of the martyrs of the Yucel Organization who sacrificed their lives for the Turkish cause 74 years ago in order to defend national and spiritual values, prayed here.

Sentop mentioned in his speech here that everyone congratulated the Turkish Education Day on December 21 and said: “Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sends you many greetings. Use the phrase.

Describing Tefeyyüz Elementary School as a large plane tree with a history of 138 years that has become a symbol of Turkish education in North Macedonia, Şentop said that students will become representatives of Turkish identity and civilization in this geography with the education they will receive in this school.

Şentop stressed that for this reason, great importance should be given to learning the Turkish language and great effort should be made to learn the Turkish language with all its subtleties, and continued as follows:

“As future doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, and politicians, it will be in your hands to shape the future of both the Balkans and the world. Through the qualified education you receive at this school, I believe you will be the generation that will increase the well-being of these lands, bring about peace and stability in the Balkans, and make peace lasting. For this, it must show special interest and importance in Turkish and Turkish literature. Because literary works that strongly influence Turkish literature must continue to emerge from these lands, and the new Yahya Kemal and Abd al-Fattah Rauf must be born from the Balkans.

TRT Kid breaks the cultural hegemony of the West over children

Şentop indicated that he wanted to draw attention to an issue that would contribute to children’s education in the Turkish language:

“TRT Children’s TV, which has been producing original content in Turkish for years, offers very useful programs especially for our Turkish brothers who live outside Turkey, like our children here, to learn Turkish properly and better understand our culture and values. TRT Child is able to attract children of all ages Through cartoons such as Rafadan Tayfa, Istanbul Guard, Niloya, Nasreddin Hadja Time Traveler, Elif and Friends, and dozens of them, which are very popular in Turkey and abroad.

Many values ​​such as hard work, solidarity, friendship, friendship, fidelity, family, homeland, science, national culture, love, respect, responsibility, honesty, cooperation, justice and mercy are taught to our children in a fun way with these cartoons that we find very useful in terms of teaching Turkish. Let’s watch TRT children’s productions with our children, which have managed to break the cultural hegemony of the West over our children, to a large extent.

Şentop emphasized that it is important for children to watch these cartoons, which will contribute to their language education and their learning of culture and values, without wasting hours of time every day.

President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop stated that the power of the Turkish language for children will enrich their worldview and enable them to establish direct contact with millions of children from Central Asia to the Balkans with whom they speak the same language. , feel the same feelings, share the same values ​​and ideals.

– “Our children should have access to content from our culture”

Şentop said, “Speaking and writing in Turkish is just as important as thinking in Turkish and behaving like Turks in all situations.” Sharaf al-Din Farid Ujlden said. In order for our children to think in Turkish and act with this understanding and awareness in every event, our children must be able to access the content from our culture. In the cartoons our children watch, they should see the Turkish family sitting at a table and sharing bread, the young people mobilizing the entire neighborhood to pay off grocery debts to their friends in distress, solidarity and cooperation,” he said.

Şentop said that in the “Guardians of Istanbul” animation, beautiful stories and anecdotes about real historical artifacts of Istanbul are told in an entertaining way. Şentop assured that they will provide their best support on this issue as well.

Şentop pointed out that in addition to being the most important element in making society a nation, it ensures the transmission of cultural treasure from generation to generation, and that it preserves and supports this treasure.

Emphasizing that by teaching Turkish to the children here, they are not being taught just one language, Şentop pointed out that every element of the great civilization that the Turkish nation has built over thousands of years has been passed on to the children.

– “The importance the Turks attach to Turkishness in the Balkans deserves great appreciation.”

The President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Şentop said that the arrival of the Turks to these lands predates the Ottomans.

Şentop noted that Turkish has a history of more than 1,500 years in these lands:

Since then, a large population has formed here and the Turkish language has begun to be spoken as one of the languages ​​of these lands. Since then, the beautiful Turkish language has taken root here, enriching and enriching these lands. There is a video that is circulating widely on the internet, on social media. A reporter from Turkey hands a microphone to a young brother from the Balkans for an interview. When a reporter says, “Everyone who’s got a mic here says ‘My Turkish isn’t good’ and doesn’t want to talk,” that little brother says, “It’s not so much, I won’t let my Turk talk.” And he continues: For example, you are from Istanbul. The arrival of the Turkish language to you is 1453. We have been speaking Turkish here since the 1880s, 70 years ago. He says. Hence, I send my greetings to this brother who knows the importance of language and national identity. I want all our brothers here to experience the same self-confidence he finds in Turkish.”

Emphasizing that the importance the Turks attach to Turkicism in the Balkans deserves great appreciation, Şentop said that thanks to the intelligent attitude and efforts of these people, a thousand-year-old civilization still exists, and that spirit and identity still exists. in the Balkans.

Şentop pointed out that it is necessary for a society to preserve its language in order to maintain its existence, preserve its identity, and pass on its values ​​to the next generation, emphasizing that it becomes impossible for a society that cannot protect its language to survive over time.

Stating that Tefeyyüz Elementary School, which is the centenary plane tree of Turkish education, has managed to survive in very difficult times since 1884 and played a leading role in the continuation of the Turkish language in these lands, Şentop said that he commemorated everyone with goodness. He wished God’s mercy and forgiveness for those who died, and good health and success for those who are alive.

– “The best indication of the importance they attach to our national unity and solidarity.”

Tefeyyüz Elementary School Principal Zekir said that they had thought of a modest celebration of “December 21st Turkish Education Day”, but when they heard the news of Turkey’s Grand National Assembly President Şentop’s visit to their school, they got excited.

Zakir said: We thank our council chairman for choosing to be with us on this important day. This decision and their support for us is the best indication of the importance they place on our national unity and solidarity.” Use the phrase.

After the speeches, the students gave a folklore performance and poetry was recited on the flute.


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