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Balkans |  Prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine

The Russian High Commissioner for Human Rights, Tatyana Moskalkova, said about her meeting with the Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets: “We have changed the lists of some military prisoners. We have decided to hand over more than 40 prisoners.” He said.

Russian High Commissioner for Human Rights Tatyana Moskalkova and Ombudsman of Ukraine Dmytro Lubinets, Ombudsman Institution (KDK) organized the “21st Anniversary” at a hotel in Ankara. He held a bilateral meeting within the framework of the international conference on “The Future of Human Rights in the Twenty-First Century.”

In a statement after the meeting, Moskalkova said that despite all the logistical problems, more than 30 representatives from the Global Ombudsman community came to the conference.

Moskalkova stated that the President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Mustafa Şentop met with her and stated that the 10th anniversary of the Ombudsman is being celebrated in Turkey and that the Ombudsman is trusted in Turkey.

Congratulating the Chief Ombudsman, Sharif Malkuş, and stating that they signed a bilateral cooperation agreement with Malkuş 5 years ago, Moskalkova stated that she had examined more than 40 cases with the Turkish Ombudsman.

Moskova indicated that she, with the help of Malkusch, visited and met some Russian citizens in an Istanbul prison, and also confirmed that Chief Ombudsman Malkusch supports the talks between Moskova and Lubinets.

We decided to hand over 40 prisoners.

Moskalkova indicated that since there were no diplomatic relations due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, negotiations were conducted between the ombudsmen of Russia and Ukraine, and the following statements were used:

Yesterday we talked about 10 case groups. For example; We talked about providing certain documents on granting pensions to people. In some places there are no archives of people’s work and these documents are not available, and some people have requests to reorganize them. You have submitted these requests.

We changed the lists of some military prisoners and decided to return more than 40 prisoners. She asked the Lubinets to help bring some Ukrainian citizens home to their families in Russia. Critically ill people also need the help of ombudsmen, because the humanitarian corridors work hard from time to time. We had discussions about the work of the ICRC. They have the right to visit prisoners. They help send messages to their families.”

Emphasizing that there are cases of medical assistance and missing persons according to the demands of the ombudsmen, Moskalkova emphasized, “We are now trying to search for people whose whereabouts are unknown with the help of our soldiers and special services. There was an exchange of prisoners in November last year. He said.

Referring to the holding of a global ombudsman conference in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, Moskalkova said: “We have given each other a list of missing persons and are trying to help as much as possible in the search for these people. I can say that there are results now because we have found some. For example For example, we found people who were among the captives and other missing persons. He rated it.

Stating that the Ukrainian Ombudsman Lubinets helped locate some Russian prisoners on his part, Moskalkova said, “They managed to find 22 people and now they’re back home. We’re also talking about other humanitarian issues.” Use phrases.

“humanitarian corridor”

Moskalkova mentioned that there are issues such as helping the wounded, exchanging prisoners, and the return of civilians, adding that humanitarian corridors can be made according to the situation. And the issue of its creation is the task of the military ministries of the two countries. Without these pathways, we have the opportunity to help concrete people within our powers,” he said.

“Can wounded and exchanged prisoners come to Turkey?” Moskalkova answered the question, “Turkey is one of the most suitable places in this regard at the moment. That is why people can go to other countries via Turkey.” She answered.

Moscova confirmed that the negotiations will continue, saying: “Some paperwork will be exchanged today. We are in constant contact. We will continue the talks.” He said.

On the question of when to take the first concrete step, Moskalkova said: “We cannot talk about very clear dates, but we agreed on what measures we expect from each other. We are talking about providing assistance to people as quickly as possible. Reply.


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