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Balkans |  Prizren is turning into an attraction for diplomatic missions

Prizren, one of the historical cities in Kosovo, is a candidate to regain its former diplomatic importance.

We welcome the return of diplomatic missions to this city.

Prizren has a wonderful tradition of having several consulates from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In 2016, Turkey became the first country to open a Consulate General in this city. Hungary’s opening of an honorary consulate at the beginning of the year after a few years is an indication that Prizren is getting the attention it deserves. He had heard that Bulgaria would also open a consulate.

Thanks to the presence of foreign consulates, diplomatic interest in Prizren is growing.

The Turkish Consulate General has been located on the historic stone bridge in the city center for six years. The presence of the Turkish Consulate General adds importance to the presence of the Turkish community in Prizren, and also strengthens relations between the two countries.

Levent Bosch, head of the Prizren branch of the largest party of Kosovo Turks and the Democratic Turkish Party of Kosovo (KDTP) and deputy chairman of the Prizren City Council in charge of communities, saw that the opening of the Turkish Consulate General made it possible to strengthen friendship and cooperation with this country. Pointing out that the Turkish community, along with other communities living in Prizren, is an important component and component of the city, Bash noted that the consulates of other countries represent an added value to the ancient city and enable cooperation, friendship and further development.

Levent Paş said: “The consulates and honorary consulates that were opened add special value to the city of Prizren, but they also affect the development of Kosovo in the economy and in other areas. With the opening of the consulates, the weight of Prizren increases and we must participate more in this direction as the people of Prizren, because the presence of diplomatic missions It is an important development in terms of cooperation, friendship and economy.

Mayor of Prizren Şekir Tutaç stated that he believes that the opening of the Turkish Consulate General, the Honorary Consulate of Hungary, as well as information about the opening of the Honorary Consulate of Bulgaria, although not confirmed, are indications. “The attention of international diplomacy is once again heading to Prizren,” Tutaj said, adding that the presence of the American Corner and the plans of the French Cultural Center are a bridge that facilitates communication with different countries.


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