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Balkans |  Protest action in Pristina on 1 May

Private sector workers staged a protest in Pristina with the slogan “Raise wages, we no longer work for 200 euros” from the private sector.

Private sector unions organized the protest in the square in front of the Prime Minister of Kosovo on the occasion of May 1 International Workers’ Day.

Private sector employees holding banners saying “Sign the collective agreement”, “We want our rights” and “Increase monthly wages” demanded an increase in monthly salaries.

In his speech at the protest activity, the head of the private sector trade union Yusuf Azimi said that Kosovo is the country where private sector workers have lost the most lives in the region.

He noted that his government had not met the conditions demanded by the workers, and added that over 100,000 workers had left Kosovo in just two years.

Azimi said that despite the Kosovo government’s promise of a minimum wage of 350 euros, the minimum wage in the private sector remains between 130 and 170 euros.


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