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Balkans |  Protests against armed attacks continued in Serbia

Tens of thousands of people gathered again in the capital, Belgrade, in response to the armed attacks in Serbia on May 3 and 5, which left 18 people dead.

The demonstrators marched from the National Assembly building to the Gazela Bridge and demanded the resignations of President Aleksandar Vučić, Interior Minister Bratislav Jašić and Director of the Security Information Agency Aleksandar Vulin. After the armed attacks called on by the opposition parties, the crowd, which also demanded an end to “incitement to violence” in the audience, dispersed without incident after a few hours of marching.

Demonstrators caused traffic jams in the capital during protests under the slogan “No to Violence”. The demonstrators announced that they would continue their protest until their demands were met.

The country’s media reported that the largest crowd since 2000 gathered in Belgrade this evening.

Invocation evaluation of Vucic

Speaking at an event held to coincide with the protests, President Vucic said of those who called for the protests, “All they do is violence. They are trying to determine where people will go. What school did they graduate from? no one. Will they rule Serbia? He evaluated it.

Noting the need to discuss what can be done against violence, Vucic recalled that after the armed attacks, they both started a practice of voluntary surrender of unlicensed weapons and police were assigned to schools.

Vucic called on the opposition to come up with a solution proposal.

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