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Balkans |  Purposeful visit to Teka from Bosnia

Turkish Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) Vice President of the Turkish Development Agency (TIKA) Dr. Mahmud Çevik visited the relatives of the martyrs that TİKA made as producers in Bosnia.

Ševik, in a statement on his Twitter account, conveyed the following opinions about the visit:

“Since that painful year 27 years ago, when the genocide took place in Srebrenica, we have hosted Bosnian war veterans and relatives of martyrs, with whom we have been producing, by supporting their development. Like the Bosnian mothers of Ahmiji, who gifted 116 martyrs, they also got an agro-industrial facility .

They will increase their production, marketing and employment power through digital marketing, e-commerce and business management training courses offered by veterans from the country’s Zenica Doboj/Central Bosnian Canton, which experiences 75 percent unemployment and 95 percent emigration. “

Srebrenica massacre

The Srebrenica massacre or the Srebrenica genocide is an event that occurred in July 1995 during Operation Krivaya ’95, launched by the Army of Republika Srpska against Srebrenica in the 1991-1995 Yugoslav Civil War (Croatian and Bosnian War), that at least 8,372 Bosnians were killed in Bosnia, which is The name given to the murder by the heavily armed Bosnian Serb army led by General Ratko Mladic in the city of Srebrenica in Herzegovina. It was documented that some women and young children were also killed in the massacre. Along with the VRS, Serbian SS forces known as “Scorpions” also participated in the massacre. Although Srebrenica was declared a safe area by the United Nations, the presence of 400 armed Dutch peacekeepers did not prevent the massacre.

Grave of 13-year-old Sadik Omar Huseynović, one of the murdered Bosnian civilians

Second Srebrenica massacre. It is also significant that it is the largest mass murder that took place in Europe since World War II and is the first legally documented genocide in Europe.

Possession of a tikka for the relatives of the martyrs

Vice President of TICA Dr. Mahmud Cevik had stated earlier during a conference that TIKA officially started its activity in Sarajevo in 1995, but before that it carried out unofficial activities. Pointing out that they have implemented nearly a thousand projects in 27 years to ensure lasting peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ševik said, “During this period, the number of educational projects reached 350, 60 health projects, 80 production and economic projects, and about 90 restoration projects.” Their number has reached 1,000 projects. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have implemented the close project. I used words.

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