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Balkans |  Putin says that the United States and Europe do not have enough ammunition

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the United States and Europe did not have enough munitions, so he offered cluster munitions to Ukraine.

Putin said, “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin made assessments about the US decision to send cluster munitions to Ukraine on the TV show.

Recalling that the US administration made an assessment that the use of these bombs is a crime some time ago, Putin stated that this issue should be viewed in this way.

“They (the United States of America) do this not for the sake of a good life, but because they generally lack ammunition,” Putin said. He said.

“The United States produces 15 thousand bullets a month, Ukraine uses 5-6 thousand bullets a day”

He stated that the Ukrainian army spends about 5-6 thousand 155-mm bullets per day, and Putin noted that the United States produces 15 thousand bullets per month. “They don’t have enough bullets,” Putin said. It is not found in Europe either. They could find nothing better than recommending the use of cluster munitions.” Use the phrases.

If cluster bombs are used, we reserve the right to respond.

Pointing out that Russia has sufficient stocks of cluster munitions of various kinds, Putin said: “We have not used this yet. Despite the known shortage of ammunition in a certain period, we did not have such a need. But we, of course, reserve the right to respond in the same way if used against us.” He said.

There is a term called reverse engineering.

In response to a question about the seizure by Russian soldiers of American-made Bradley fighting vehicles and British-made missiles in the hands of Ukraine, Putin stated that they are examining these weapons. “There is a term called reverse engineering,” Putin said. These are modern technical tools.” He said.

Expressing that Russia also possesses highly effective modern military technical tools, Putin said, “For example, I can say without exaggeration that the T-90 is the best tank in the world. But the enemy also produces modern military equipment. If there is a possibility to consider inside (this device) and see if there is anything that can be used against us, why not?” he said.

Ukraine’s counterattack failed

Evaluating the Russian army’s operation as “positive” in the face of the Ukrainian counterattack, Putin said: “Our military units are acting heroically. In some places they attack unexpectedly for the enemy and take the most advantageous positions and heights there.” He said.

Putin noted that “all attempts of the Ukrainian army to break through the defense of the Russian army, including the use of strategic reserves, were unsuccessful,” and when asked about the tasks that Russia will perform later, I will explain when the cameras are closed, “he gave the answer.

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