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Balkans |  Radev: Business plays an important role in tackling inflation, the informal economy, and speculation

According to the statement made by the President of Bulgaria, President Rumen Radev, at the meeting with representatives of the Bulgarian Association of Employers’ Organizations (AOBR) in the Presidency, said, “Business in Bulgaria in combating inflation, informal economy, improvement of the business environment and reduction of speculation, has a significant role The importance of finding mechanisms, with state institutions, for

The meeting was held at the initiative of business representatives, who presented the priorities of employers’ organizations in 2023 and called for a government policy aimed at encouraging local producers and increasing their competitiveness.

The meeting agreed that government agencies and businesses should work together to improve the economic environment and effectively counter speculation, inflation and the informal economy, not only to meet the criteria for membership in the eurozone, but also to meet the interests of citizens and businesses. she expressed. Radev pointed out that the inspections conducted by the interim government showed alarming data, especially on the prices of food products, which had risen significantly before they reached the retail network. Preventing speculation and inflation in the eurozone accession process and establishing mechanisms and models to combat it were also among the highlights of the meeting. There was also a consensus that the next People’s Assembly must show its will and adopt very important laws in the field of judicial reform.

Business representatives emphasized predictability as a key condition for the country’s development. They expressed their satisfaction with the dialogue with the interim government and its work, especially the timely decisions in the field of diversifying energy sources. According to the employers’ organizations, had the recent regular government taken a similar approach, the surge in prices and inflation could have been prevented.

“We cannot talk about strong trade in Bulgaria without a strong, sustainable and independent energy sector and a permanent decline in prices for energy resources,” the president noted. Radev, the commercial operation of the pipeline linking natural gas with Greece, and the agreement with Turkey for access to the gas transportation network and liquefied gas stations in the country, proposed and proposed by Bulgaria, which connects the gas transportation networks of the countries of the region and makes it possible to supply natural gas from Azerbaijan to Europe in quantities Additional, he emphasized the interim government’s achievements in the field of energy through the “Solidarity Ring” project supported by the European Commission.

The president pointed out that “the strategy of the interim government to develop the energy sector, which has a horizon until 2050, is open to the business community’s positions, analyzes and recommendations,” expressing his hope that the next regular government will continue. To work with employers in these areas, so that the Bulgarian economy develops intensively in the future.

source: CardZhalNews

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