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Balkans |  Raid on illegal money transfer to Serbia in Istanbul

Raid for illegal money transfer to Serbia, Afghanistan and Pakistan in Istanbul

Two suspects have been arrested in a raid on a workplace that looked like a grocery store

It was alleged that foreigners who entered Turkey illegally obtained residence visas and residence permits illegally.

On March 8, an operation was carried out in a “grocery” store accused of illegally transferring money from Turkey abroad with a system similar to the “hawala” system. It was alleged that the two suspects were kept in the “grocery store”, and that foreigners who entered Turkey illegally were given residence visas and residence permits.

Units of the Istanbul Police Department’s Anti-Migrant Smuggling and Border Gates Branch Office determined that the international money transfer was carried out through illegal means in a “grocery store”-like workplace in Basaksehir. The workplace, which is unmarked, was alleged to have been illegally granted residence and residence permits and visas to foreign nationals who illegally entered Turkey.

Police storming to illegally transfer money from Basaksehir to foreign countries

At the aforementioned address, two suspects, a PCA of Afghan origin and a Turkish citizen NA, who were accused of illegally transferring funds abroad, mainly to Serbia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and establishing a “criminal network”, were arrested in an 8-day operation. While the detained suspects were being taken to the police station for interrogation, it was learned that the said amount was being investigated. In searches made in the workplace, a money-counting machine, a copy of 68 pages showing the movements of money, 1 agenda, 1 laptop, 3 sleeping bags, a camera recorder, 85 thousand 160 lire and 1,295 euros, which were Considered to have been obtained from the crime, $300 was recovered, which proved to be forged. The two suspects, one Afghan and the other Turkish, were transferred to the judicial authorities on the same day, following their police procedures. The suspects were released by applying the provisions of the judicial controls.

source: Drones

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