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Balkans |  Revenge of TRT World for Reuters’ political publication

A TRT World job posting in response to a Reuters hiring announcement, which contains anti-Turkey political propaganda, drew attention to the UK’s political instability, economic woes, and the fact that it is still ruled by the royal family in the 21st century.

British news agency Reuters“Assistant Head of Office in Turkey” Political campaign language was used in the job advertisement. In the ad, which claimed that there was a departure from modern secular traditions under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rule, negative assessments regarding inflation and the Turkish lira were included.

The advertisement in question is one of the internationally influential Turkish channels broadcasting in English. A similar response was received from TRT World.

TRT World, in announcing the hiring of the correspondents in London, referred to the remarks in the Reuters ad.

No political leaders were targeted

The ad drew attention to political instability, economic problems, and the fact that this country is still ruled by monarchs in the 21st century.

In the TRT World Declaration, it is asserted that the Scottish government’s demands for independence threaten the unity of England, and that high inflation and the depreciation of the pound sterling threaten the unstable politics of England.

The ad, which did not target any political leader, included the following statements:

“The failure of British governments to respond to major challenges such as the cascading COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit and the global economic crisis has thrown British politics into disarray. British governments are short-lived. It leaves the country’s future in limbo and pushes Britain away from Europe. With the death of Queen Elizabeth, discussions of the modern era of the crown as a form of government from the Middle Ages are gaining momentum. We need reporters with strong pens who can provide comprehensive news on these issues.”

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