Balkans | Rosen Jeliazkov was elected Speaker of the 49th Session of the Bulgarian People’s Assembly

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Balkans |  Rosen Jeliazkov was elected Speaker of the 49th Session of the Bulgarian People’s Assembly

Rozen Jeliazkov, Member of Parliament for the European Future of Bulgaria (GERB) – Union of Democratic Forces (SDS), was elected as Speaker of the Bulgarian People’s Assembly in the 49th session. While 136 deputies voted in favor of electing Gliazkov as Speaker, 94 abstained and none of them voted against.

Petr Petrov, the Visrajdan candidate, who was supported by only 36 deputies from the Visrajdan party, was not elected Speaker of the Assembly.

Deslava Atanasova, Chair of the Parliamentary Group of the GERB-SDS Alliance, will act as Chair of the Parliamentary Legal Committee, which will be elected from the Continuation of Change (PP) – Democratic Bulgaria (PP-DB) coalition if the mandate of the 49th session. The term of the People’s Assembly lasts more than three months, and he announced that he would assume his duties. He said that this decision was an expression of goodwill between the two political groups in the council.

Zheliazkov, who was Minister of Transport and Information Technology and Communications in Boyko Borisov’s third government, said in his speech after the election of the Speaker of the Parliament, “Parliamentary traditions require speaking with serious words. But I think that now is not the time for enthusiasm and celebration. We are all aware of the responsibility and this responsibility is an expectation of security, justice and stability.” These expectations assume that we direct operations in line with the motto in this building and produce content with means of expression worthy of the honor and dignity of this institution.I would like to thank each and every one of you, especially Presidents Menchev and President Rashidov, as their counterparts, for their dignified leadership of the People’s Councils over the 47th and 48th sessions And wisdom. Thank you, my colleagues.”

Ruzitsa Kirova from the GERB-SDS coalition, Nikola Menchev from the PP-DB coalition, Tsuncho Ganev from Vizrajdane, Feliz Husminova from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), Kristian Figenin from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), such people are a professor from the Var Party (ITN ). doctor. Andrei Churanov was elected to the post of vice-president of the association. Proposals for this were eventually passed by 230 votes. Only one MP chose to abstain.

Andrei Ivanov-Tsikov was sworn in as deputy to replace Lena Borislavova, a member of parliament for the 24th district of Sofia from the PP-DB coalition, who resigned at the start of the meeting.

It is expected that meetings between the leaders of political parties will begin this week, during which they will discuss the possibilities of forming a normal government.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the European Union for Development Party, Boyko Borisov, will meet with the Chairman of the Vizrajan Party, Kusdin Kostadinov.

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