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Balkans |  Sally and Brahimi’s resignation is required at Alternativa

Members of the Central Executive Council of the Alternativa party, which is active in North Macedonia, demanded the resignation of Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Bekim Sali and General Secretary Zakaria Ibrahimi.

Dritan Petsiti, chairman of the AfD’s Tetovo branch, said the party’s management had failed to fulfill its duties since the last congress held at a press conference with some members of the Central Council.

Referring to the turmoil in the party a year and a half ago, unaffected by the management staff, Pisetti said, “Failures such as overcoming faulty structures and policies, unprincipled positions, concentrating power only on certain individuals, making decisions by a small group. We prompted the abolition of the Studenian and Labunishta branches , disrespect for the administration and the members of the Central Council, the weakness of the party leadership, and the opinion polls which show us as the weaker party, led to this press conference being held against the general secretary.” He used phrases.

In response to the positions of the senior management in the party, Bisetti said: “The imposition of appointments in the structures, the implementation of policies according to the weather of the day, and the political anger towards everyone who thinks differently, unfortunately does not make a general secretary worthy of his position.” Make an evaluation.

Noting that the time has not yet come to cooperate with other parties, the AfD must be stronger, Bisetti said, “According to opinion polls, we have recently come out as the weakest party. Some activists are disappointed, others do not want to engage in politics, and are hurt.” Disappointed with the administration. We cannot say all the members, and the other part is satisfied are those appointed by the president. As for the pre-election cooperation with other Albanian parties, they acted hastily at the point of cooperation with the BISA movement.” He said.

He stated at the press conference that one-third of the members of the Central Executive Council have signatures and that an extraordinary conference should be held in accordance with the party system.

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