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Balkans |  Sanitation workers strike in Croatia

In Croatia, sanitation workers are on strike over the firing of three colleagues and their lower wages.

Garbage littered the streets of the Croatian capital Zagreb as cleaners went on strike to protest the dismissal of three colleagues for “neglecting their jobs” last week and low wages.

Nearly 1,000 employees of the cleaning company “Cestoca” who took part in the strike stated that they would not return to work unless their fired colleagues were reinstated and their salaries not increased.

On the other hand, the Czestoka Zagreb Union announced that the workers who refused to work demanded an improvement in their salaries and working conditions.

The workers involved were filmed by a citizen dumping plastic and other rubbish into the same truck, and their employment contract was terminated on the grounds that they had “neglected their jobs” after the images went viral on social media.


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