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Balkans |  Sanjak support for Erdogan

The head of the Sandzak Democratic Action Party, Suleyman Ojlanin, said that the elections scheduled for Sunday, May 14, are not only related to Turkey, but also to the Balkan geography.

Justice and Development Party and the President Recep Tayyip ErdoganThey came to Turkey to support them, Ogluyanin said, “because their victory is also our victory.” “If there is any other election result, difficult days will appear for Muslims in the Balkans,” he said.

Ocalanin said: “The right-wing elements in Europe want to make Bosnia Europe Palestine. We must point out that the biggest supporter of Bosniaks is Turkey.

According to news, Öcalanin said: “It is a very important process for Muslims in the Balkans. As President of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Mr. Mustafa Şentop explained at a conference, the sun of Muslims in the Balkans rises in Turkey and sets in the West. All eyes of the weak Muslims are on Turkey And Recep Tayyip Erdogan. For them to protect themselves, I can say that the only hope in the world is Erdogan.”

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