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Balkans |  Sarajevo TMV has set up an exhibition with the parents of its students

In Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Municipality of Seluklu opened an exhibition of handicrafts for the parents of students studying at the Turkish Knowledge Foundation (TMV) in cooperation with the Konya Municipality Vocational Training Courses (KOMEK).

In the exhibition opened in the Gazi Husrev Bey School with the support of the Municipality of Stari Grad, works such as oil painting, calligraphy and marble art were presented by the parents of the students.

Sadik Babur Cern, Turkey’s ambassador to Sarajevo, who attended the opening, said that the relations between the municipalities are important and that the Turkish municipalities are actively working in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He indicated that he congratulated everyone who made efforts to build bridges of friendship between the two countries.

Selcuklu Mayor Ahmet Bekyatımci pointed out that the handicrafts presented in the training courses organized in cooperation with the municipalities TMV and Konya Municipality Advanced Training Courses (KOMEK) deserve attention.

Stating that they plan to open courses in different cities for women from Bosnia and Herzegovina to improve themselves, Pekyatırımcı said, “We met with our brothers and developed our cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have been together for centuries, we have an old friendship and an old union. Our mission is to maintain this Union as best as possible and make the most of it in the future,” he said.

The representative of TMV in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yakup Gül, also mentioned that they contribute to the development of both the students and their parents through the activities and training courses they organize.

Another Turkish course was opened in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The “Turkish Language Lesson” class was opened in the city of Donje Vakov in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with the Municipality of Selcuk and Sarajevo Yunus Emre Instituso (YEE).

The ceremony held at Prva Osnovna Skola was attended by Mayor of Selçuklu Ahmet Bekyatimci, Deputy Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Özbaş, Mayor of Donji Vakuf Huso Susiç, Principal of YEE Sarajevo Mehmet Akif Yaman, principals and students.

Mayor Selçuklu Pekyatımcı stated that the relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey are constantly developing, and in this sense, local governments are working to improve these relations.

Noting that they have contributed to the joint work with the Federation of Municipalities of the World of Turkey to create a Turkish language classroom, Bekyatımci said, “The contribution of YEE to our activities here is one of the most important aspects of the work. One of our goals is to increase interest in Turkish language lessons. Here, we are not satisfied Only our Bosnian children and brothers learn the Turkish language in Turkish language lessons. We also provide various opportunities for individuals who learn the Turkish language. Last year, we hosted 130 Bosnian students in Konya. There, for three days, our children from Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to explore various historical and touristic places in Konya and visit their schools. He said.

Mayor of Donji Vakov Hosu Susić said that they are happy to host their Turkish guests in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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