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Balkans |  Scandalous statements about Turkey in the report of the Kosovo Academy of Sciences

We present to your attention the article “Scandalous statements about Turkey in the report of the Kosovo Academy of Sciences” by Biram Pomak, editor-in-chief of the Balkan Post, a journalist and writer from Kosovo.

The President of the Kosovo Academy of Sciences, Mehmet Karaca, made scandalous remarks about Turkey in a report he published on January 24 earlier this year. Although this report was published at the beginning of the year, it is now being discussed in the Kosovo public. Although the purpose of the report was to warn the Western public about Serbia’s “destabilizing goal in Kosovo and the Western Balkans,” the report also contained scandalous statements about Turkey.

Although Karaja’s goals in Serbia and the Western Balkans are the focus of his report, there is also information about developments in the region. However, the scandalous writing and style of the report adds yet another scandal to the report’s scandal. The report included comments on Albanian-Serbian relations, the dominance of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the open Balkan project, etc. Kraja, which remained in the ruins of the former Yugoslavia, tried to imitate the note published by the Serbian Academy of Sciences in 1985 with this report, but failed to do so.

The report accuses the West of supporting corrupt governments in the Balkans. Accordingly, the fact that these governments have remained in office claims that the European Union and the United States have weakened their hand in the Balkans. He says that they opened space for Russia, China and Turkey in the Balkans under this rule. In this way, the Karaca report puts Turkey on par with Russia and China in the Balkans, claiming that Turkey is a threat to the Balkans.

In a continuation of the report, while describing the myths created by Serbia about Kosovo, it refers to the Kosovo War of 1389 and the tomb of Sultan Murad. In his statements about the tomb of Sultan Murad, he tries to say that the tomb was in fact a place almost ‘made up’ later, without any scientific background or any reference to it. in the data presented in the report “No one can prove that the tomb of Sultan Murad, which was built in the nineteenth century, is located in the same place.” expressions used. In other words, it brings to say that the Serbs created a myth for themselves by using this war, but in reality this war has no basis in reality. Of course, he does not use any scientific basis in his report when claiming it.

On the other hand, he says that while Serbia is doing propaganda about Kosovo, it is doing propaganda by saying that Kosovo is a Muslim country. He claims that it is true that the population of Kosovo is 98% Muslim, but that the Islamization of the Albanians (which in the report uses a concept called Islam) was due to the Ottoman occupation, systematic persecution and torture. He states that the Islamization of 98% of the population of Kosovo is a dark legacy of history. Likewise, he does not use any scientific references etc. while making these claims.

The report claims that this propaganda for Serbia was reinforced by Turkey. He also does not hesitate to denigrate Turkish institutions by claiming that TIKA, which came to Kosovo after the 1999 war, supports radical Islam in Kosovo and Macedonia. He assumes that the clergy cannot say anything against radical Islam as a result of their collaboration with TIKA.

It is noteworthy that Serbia exploited all these developments to propaganda against Kosovo in Europe. Serbia claims that it should help Europe against Muslims because they are defending Europe against Islam.

Heavy slanders were leveled against Turkey and Tika in 4 or 5 pages of the 37-page report. There is no amount aspect of the report. Almost all of the writers in the 37-page report can’t get past the coffee shop conversation. Most of the cases and allegations in the report have no basis whatsoever. But the point is, the fact that the President of the Academy of Sciences wrote such a report shows how much reputation an institution can have. Likewise, we can easily say that the majority of members of the Academy of Sciences support this report and ideas. This mentality that has gripped this establishment certainly does not include those who think otherwise. It also closes the road to comers.

One of the really disturbing issues is the fact that there is a certain group in Kosovo who believe what is written in this report.

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