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Balkans |  Scooby woman jumped out of window after giving birth

In Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, a 39-year-old woman jumped from the first floor of a hospital after giving birth.

“A mother from Skopje threw herself out of the window on the first floor of the obstetrics and gynecology clinic of the capital’s ‘Mother Teresa’ clinical center after giving birth to a healthy baby,” Skopje’s Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic (GAK) said in a statement. It has been said.

He stated that the 39-year-old patient survived by chance and was immediately transferred to the Anesthesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care Clinic (KARIL), accompanied by staff.

In the statement that the patient was admitted to the hospital on June 28, which was in the 36th week of pregnancy, the patient was immediately examined by the specialist in the emergency room and it was determined that he had placental abruption, a life-threatening disease. The condition of the fetus and poses a serious threat to the health of the mother. The patient, who was taken to the delivery room immediately, was delivered by caesarean section within 14 minutes at 21.30 after a short pre-operative preparation, and a healthy and lively boy was born.” Data included.

According to the statement, the patient, who was transferred from the hospital room to the corridor of the postpartum department at around 9:30 pm, attempted suicide by throwing herself from the first floor through the window in the corridor.

In the statement, the patient was immediately transferred to KARIL accompanied by the team on duty, and the unfortunate incident was immediately reported to the authorized institutions, and they immediately took to the field to highlight the incident. The obstetrics and gynecology clinic regrets the unfortunate incident and hopes the patient will recover quickly.” It was said.

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