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Balkans |  SDA: “Schmidt asked us to withdraw”

DAP Vice President Alma Kolo said that the High Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, had asked them to hand over power to new authorities.

Kolo said that Schmidt, who met with party leaders led by Izetbegović, told them that the withdrawal of the Democratic Action Party and the formation of the new government should not prevent anything, because the most important thing is the country’s European Union membership now.

Pointing out that the DAP supports the reforms that were prepared in the EU membership process, but the Serb and Croatian parties obstructed these reforms, Kolo said that as the party that gets the most votes, they announced that they will take every step they are entitled to.

Kolo said: We said that we will use all our capabilities within the framework of the constitution and laws and will not prevent anything. “We got the most votes,” he said.

The Democratic Union of Croatia (HDZ), the Union of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) and the Eighth Opposition Alliance, made up of Bosnian and left-leaning parties based in Sarajevo, are expected to sign a final coalition agreement that will bring the DAP into opposition. , with a session taking place in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina today.

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