Balkans | Sending 5 new aid trucks from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the earthquake zone

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Balkans |  Sending 5 new aid trucks from Bosnia and Herzegovina to the earthquake zone

5 new aid trucks were sent from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Turkey due to the earthquakes that hit 11 provinces centered on Kahramanmaraş.

Srebrenic Municipality, Businessmen Association, Red Cross, and 5 trucks loaded with aid collected by citizens left for Turkey.

The mayor of Srebrenik, Adnan Bilic, told Anadolu Agency: “The people of Srebrenik have shown what a big heart they have. This aid is another proof of our people’s friendship with Turkey. We are united to help our brothers.” made a statement.

In the city of Mostar, in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a campaign called “Coffee for Turkey and Syria” was organized. He stated that the entire income will be donated to the earthquake victims within the scope of the campaign in which coffee shops in the city participated.

Nermin Mohitish, head of Madinatuna Association, one of the organizers of the campaign, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that 35 cafes participated in the campaign.

Mahic said: “People here always drink coffee every morning. We wanted the coffee they drank this morning to have a different meaning.” He said.

By the way, it was worth noting that some of the coffees served had “For Turkey” written on them.

In addition, Hadzib Salicic from Bosnia and Herzegovina and his son Ahmet Salicic sent 3,000 euros that were provided to perform Umrah prayers for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

Support from football players in Bosnia and Herzegovina Zeljeznicar

Players of Zeljenkar, one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s oldest football teams, took part in relief efforts intended for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria instead of training.

Instead of the morning training, the football players went to the warehouse of the Humanitarian Aid Association, where aid is collected for earthquake-damaged citizens in Kahramanmaraş.

Zeljeznicar athletes helped pack and transport prepared aid packages here. The players, who took part in the training sessions in their training clothes, called on all the fans and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in the assistance.

Run for Turkey and Syria event

The Association of Young People in Blue organized the “Run for Turkey and Syria” event, which was attended by 290 people in the capital, Sarajevo.

In the event, where the participation fee is at least 5 euros, participants showed their support for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria by running on a 4-kilometre road.

D’Arco Loncar, a member of the association, said, “We must stand in solidarity with all the people who suffer in such disasters that may affect us or anyone else tomorrow.” He said.

In addition to Sarajevo, the event was held with the participation of 40 people in Bihac and 20 people in Goraz.

The Municipality of Novi Sarajevo in Sarajevo launched a charity campaign with the slogan “Let’s put our intentions into practice in the next 7 days – hear your hearts”.

Mayor Hasan Tanović said that they will work to meet the most urgent needs of the earthquake zone within the scope of the 7-day campaign.

Support earthquake victims from schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

It was reported that 9,500 euros were collected and sent to the Disaster and Emergency Management within the scope of the aid campaign organized with the participation of students, parents and teachers in the Turkish Knowledge Foundation (TMV) schools in Sarajevo.

Students and teachers collect aid for earthquake victims at Mirsad Brnjavorac Primary School in Vogoska, near the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo.

The aid collected at the school, where Turkish is taught as an optional course, was handed over to the humanitarian aid organization

In a statement issued by Avdo Smailović Elementary School in Sarajevo, 4,350 euros in cash aid for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria was registered with the participation of the union of schools, students and staff.

It was reported that within the scope of the aid campaign launched in the Banja Luka Fire Department, Bosnia and Herzegovina, urgent needs such as heaters, tents, sleeping bags and hygiene items for earthquake victims were given priority.

In his statement on his social media account, the mayor of Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, Ivan Vuković stated that they will provide 100,000 euros in aid to the earthquake victims.

On the other hand, the Red Cross of Montenegro shared the information that the aid collected within the scope of the campaign they started exceeded 104 thousand euros.


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