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Balkans |  Sending new aid trucks to the earthquake zones of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Relief trucks were sent to Turkey from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina due to the earthquakes, which had their epicenter in the Pazardzhik and Albistan districts of Kahramanmaraş and affected a total of 11 provinces.

Trucks carrying food products intended for earthquake victims in Turkey left Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, for Turkey.

Belgrade Ambassador Hami Aksoy, who sent aid trucks to Turkey, said that institutions and citizens in Serbia supported Turkey after the earthquakes.

Aksoy said, “First, we collected the things that the earthquake victims needed in that area and sent them to Turkey. Yesterday, we sent 2,500 heaters to Gaziantep.” He said.

Ambassador Aksoy thanked the search and rescue teams that went to Turkey from Serbia, and noted that the team rescued 3 people from under the rubble.

On the other hand, the aid convoy of 15 trucks moved from the Sanjak area where the Bosnian population is crowded to the earthquake zone.

He stated that 105,000 euros in aid were collected from the donations account opened by the Novi Pazar city administration, while 20,000 euros in aid were sent to Turkey from the city’s budget.

According to the statement issued by the Imaus International Solidarity Forum in Bosnia and Herzegovina, two trucks containing food products, water, cleaning products, diapers, tents, blankets and sleeping bags collected for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria left today.

The statement said that one of the trucks moved to Turkey and the other to Syria.

Aid collection continues in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

Mansura Husanović, Tuzla Regional Director of the Merhamet Association, a humanitarian aid organization that continues campaigns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that enough clothes had been collected for the earthquake victims and that they were focusing on collecting cash aid.

“We continue to collect blankets, sleeping bags and heaters. Right now, the earthquake survivors in Turkey and Syria need it,” Hosanovic said. Use the phrase.

Nadim Smailović, President of Mercy Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina, also pointed out that the people of Tuzla felt the grief experienced by the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

At Berta Kucera Primary School in the city of Jajce in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, students and teachers collect aid for earthquake victims.

And in the post posted on the school’s official website, “We collected more than 3 thousand euros in the three-day campaign. The amount in question will be deposited into the account of the sister school in Turkey, which is working to help the earthquake zone.” expressions were used.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Capital Investments of Montenegro Ervin Ibrahimovic met with the Ambassador of Turkey in Podgorica Baris Calcavan and said that the people of Montenegro stand by Turkey.

Referring to the launch of several aid campaigns for earthquake victims across Montenegro, Ibrahimovic reminded that Turkey has always supported Montenegro.

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