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Balkans |  Serbia and Croatia want to strengthen mutual relations

Despite their differences, Serbia and Croatia have stated that they agree to strengthen mutual relations and increase cooperation for the prosperity of the region.

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic and Croatian Minister for Foreign and European Affairs Gordan Grelic Radman attended the online conference on “New Dynamics in Relations between Serbia and Croatia” organized in cooperation with the Foreign Policy Center in Belgrade and the German Hanns Seidel Foundation.

Relations between the two countries sometimes progress slowly due to differences, said Dacic, “We need a new political language in the coming period. If we start building the future, we can also solve the problems of the past.” He said.

Emphasizing the importance of resolving issues from the past to the present without the goal of “mutual education”, Dacic said that the two countries are cooperating now and in the future in the field of infrastructure.

Referring to his country’s willingness to conduct a constructive dialogue with Serbia, Grlic Radman stated that Croatia has achieved its foreign policy goals and wants to share its experiences in the European Union with the countries of the region.

Expressing that they could not “close their eyes” to what happened during the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, Grelic-Radman said it was important to face the past and find a common language.

Emphasizing that Croatia wants to help Serbia in the EU membership process, Grlic Radman also shared the information that his country still cannot reach the 1,816 people who lost their lives in the war in the 1990s.


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