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Balkans |  Serbia is waiting for Turkish businessmen to invest

Fatih Karaca, who was elected president of the Turkish-Serbian Economic Association, said that they expect Turkish businessmen to invest in Serbia.

your association BelgradeElections for the new administration were held at the General Assembly held at the Hotel V. Fatih Karaca was elected as the president of the association, and Okan Çobanoğlu as vice-president.

An Iftar was held after the General Assembly, Ambassador of Türkiye to Belgrade Hami Aksoy and Halkbank Serbia In addition to the general manager Aziz Arslan, Turkish and Serbian businessmen who are members of the association attended.

Karaca told an AA reporter that they were founded in 2017 and are actively working with 63 members.

Indicating that they aim to increase the number of members and their areas of operation, Karaca stated that they want to act as a bridge between Turkey and Serbia to capture the $5 billion trade volume set by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Referring to the presence of Serbian and Turkish companies from the automotive, textile and construction sectors among its members, Karaca said, “We are trying to provide all kinds of technical support to our companies that come here. On the other hand, we have companies from Serbia who want to do business in Turkey and want to work with Turkey, and we are trying to support these companies in directing them. He said.

Karaca indicated that they are working closely with the commercial advisor of the Belgrade Embassy and that there are opportunities for Turkish businessmen in Serbia.

Explaining that their union provides all kinds of convenience for future businessmen, Karaca said that companies from many countries would like to enter Serbia, but Turkish companies are better in terms of quality.


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