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Balkans |  Serbian leader Vucic evaluated the Franco-German plan on the Kosovo issue

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that his country had warned that if the European Union did not accept the proposed solution to the Kosovo issue, the membership process would stop, investments would be withdrawn, and sanctions would harm Serbia economically and politically. can be applied.

According to AA News. Vucic participated in a press conference held in Belgrade with the latest developments regarding the Kosovo issue.

Evaluating the offer made to him by the European Union, the United States of America, Germany, France and Italy last week, Vucic said: “I was told that I have to accept the said plan (the Franco-German plan). If it is not accepted, firstly, the EU negotiation process will be stopped, and secondly , All investments will be withdrawn from the country. Thirdly, there will be economic and political sanctions that will cause great harm to Serbia. That’s what they said. He said.

Stating that the process that began as a Franco-German plan has evolved into new negotiating terms with Kosovo, Vucic said, “We cannot prevent Kosovo from becoming a member of international organizations such as the Council of Europe and NATO. Don’t expect applause from us for those. What we can do is Increasing the level of confidence for a long-term peace. He said.

Stressing that the establishment of the Federation of Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo is a priority, Vucic said that a rational attitude has not been shown in solving problems.

Noting that Serbia should continue on its path to the European Union, Vucic said that they decided to take “tactical steps” to protect Serbia and its people at the government session this morning.

Expressing that the coming days will be difficult, Vucic said, “We will protect the Serbian people in any case. On the one hand, there is a situation of sanctions, and there can be no worse punishment than divestment. On the other hand, there is the acceptance of Kosovo’s membership in the United Nations.” Honestly, I will fight for a settlement if possible.” He said.

Vucic stated that he will also meet with the parliamentary blocs on this issue in the coming days and said: “I know my final decision, but this is not a decision that I will take personally. Serbia and its people must decide.” Make an evaluation.

Vucic stated that he was ready to resign if necessary to buy time, and said “I am a soldier of my country, and I live for Serbia”. Use the phrase.

Kosovo and Serbia meetings

The European Union calls on Kosovo and Serbia to reach a final agreement that can resolve issues between the two countries to make progress in the process of integration into the Union.

The two sides are currently negotiating the text, known as the Franco-German Plan, which is supported by the USA and all members of the European Union.

According to the plan, which has been leaked to the media, Kosovo is required to allow the creation of a Federation of Serb Municipalities in municipalities in the country where most Serbs live.

Serbia is required to respect Kosovo’s territorial integrity and allow it to join international organizations.

Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, stated that the plan, which he described as “a good basis for negotiations”, was rejected by Serbia.

EU officials hope negotiations for the Franco-German plan will be completed in the spring.

Serbia considers Kosovo, which unilaterally declared its independence in 2008, to be its territory.


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