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Balkans |  Serbian President Vucic: Kosovo Serbs are angry and dissatisfied

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated that Kosovo Serbs are angry and dissatisfied with the silent position of the Pristina administration and international institutions.

Vucic held a press conference after his meeting with Kosovo Serb representatives in the capital, Belgrade.

Vucic stated that they discussed the problems and security situation of Serbs living in the south and north of Kosovo, “The situation there is very difficult. We talked to decide on a common position for all the situations ahead of us. We decided to work together.”

Vucic said that Kosovo Serbs would not participate in the early local elections scheduled to be held in Serb-controlled municipalities on April 23 in Kosovo, and announced that they would come out publicly with a clearer position a week later on all issues related to Kosovo Serbs.

“They expect greater and meaningful support from Serbia”

Vucic stated that they feel very angry and dissatisfied with the current situation of Kosovo Serbs and the Pristina administration, “They are also angry about the silence of international institutions. They expect greater and more meaningful support from Serbia.”

Regarding the recent arrest of Serbs in northern Kosovo, Vucic said: “This is an effort to cleanse Serbs from northern Kosovo. I am always for keeping the peace. We will all see how it goes.”

Defending that Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti had endangered the security of Kosovo Serbs, Vucic said, “Kosovo Serbs will continue to exist, it is their home, their home.”

Vucic claimed, in a television program in which he participated, that Kosovo had organized local elections in which Serbs would not participate, “So what should I do in that case? Shall I send tanks? I can’t do that. We can’t win against NATO. I can’t and I don’t want people to die.” I want to solve problems peacefully. I want normalization.”

Relations between Serbia and Kosovo

Although Kosovo is recognized as an independent country by 117 countries, it is described as one of Europe’s “frozen conflict zones” due to persistent ethnic tensions in its north and its inability to become a member of the United Nations.

Serbia considers Kosovo, which unilaterally declared its independence in 2008, to be its territory.

Serbia and Kosovo, which clash periodically, are trying to find a common way to normalize relations, and eventually for the two countries to recognize each other, within the framework of the dialogue process between Belgrade and Pristina, which began in 2011 with mediation. from the European Union (EU).

Kosovar Prime Minister Kurti and Serbian President Vucic agreed on an agreement that would normalize relations between the two countries in negotiations that lasted nearly 12 hours in Ohrid, North Macedonia on March 18, with the mediation of the European Union.


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