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Balkans |  Serbian report from the European Parliament

In its report on Serbia, the European Parliament noted that the country has backtracked in the process of joining the European Union.

The report, prepared by Slovak MP Vladimir Bilgic, was accepted with the support of 508 deputies, while the report was not supported by 76 deputies.

In the report, it was stated that Serbia should conclude the dialogue it had with the aim of normalizing its relations with Kosovo, and it was indicated that the country should align its foreign and security policy with the European Union.

The report warns that if Serbia continues to support anti-democratic regimes, the European Union will consider the possibility of reducing its financial support to the country. RussiaHe stated that close relations with the authoritarian regime in Türkiye are unacceptable.

The report called on Serbia to lift the ban imposed on Kosovo’s membership in the Council of Europe and other international organizations, while stressing that the process of Kosovo’s membership in the European Union also depends on the dialogue process with Serbia.

In a report to the European Parliament, the appointment of the anti-EU and pro-Russian ex-Minister of the Interior, Alexander Volyn, to the post of head of the intelligence agency was noted as worrying.

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