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Balkans |  Serbs protest in northern Kosovo

In the village of Rudari, in Zvecan municipality, one of the Serb municipalities in northern Kosovo with a Serb majority, Serbs gathered to protest the “threats” of Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti.

The place known as “The Cross” has been under siege by Kosovo Serbs since December 10, preventing access to it.

Kosovo police urged citizens to be vigilant during the protest.

Those involved in the protest action oppose the “ultimatums and deadlines” set by the Kosovo government to remove the barriers.

From 10 December, Serb groups in northern Kosovo set up roadblocks on the roads leading to the Yarenci and Brinjak border crossings between Kosovo and Serbia.

Protesting the arrest of former Kosovo Serb police officer Dejan Pantik on suspicion of attacking the offices of the Central Election Commission in the North, Serbs are demanding Pantek’s release until the barricades are removed.


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