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Balkans |  Signing a cooperation protocol between Türkiye and Kosovo

A cooperation protocol was signed between the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Kosovo.

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank met with representatives of the Rumelian and Balkan associations at the Merinos Atatürk Culture and Convention Center.

At the end of the programme, a cooperation protocol was signed between the Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Kosovo and the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

In his speech here, Minister Varank said that there is a Turkish community in Kosovo today, the number of which cannot be underestimated, and that they attach great importance to developing peaceful relations with all their neighbors in this country.

He made it clear that they are continuing their joint efforts for Kosovo to reach the position it deserves in the international arena, and continued:

In this regard, we support Kosovo’s vision of membership in NATO, the Council of Europe and the European Union. Peace and prosperity in Kosovo also means stability in the Balkans and Europe. To date, TIKA has provided nearly €100 million in resources to serve the people of Kosovo through nearly 700 projects. In the field of regional development, we have a very busy work both at the table and in the field. As a ministry, we would like to share and increase the experience we have gained in the field of regional development, strengthen communication between stakeholders and open new doors for cooperation.

Varank stated that within the scope of the agreement to be signed with Kosovo, a joint working group will be established primarily in the field of regional development, and they will share their knowledge, experience and good practices with their counterparts in Kosovo, and will jointly start project development and expert exchange programs.

Varank explained that they will develop joint projects between technology parks, research and development and innovation centers in addition to these issues, “We will continue to implement valuable projects that will increase the well-being of our brothers in Kosovo, together. I hope that the memorandum of understanding that we will sign on this occasion will be useful and promising for our country.”

“A strong Türkiye, of course, needs Balkan stability”

The Minister of Regional Development of the Republic of Kosovo, Fikri Damca, stated that Turkey was the first country to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

In this context, Damca thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and said: “This bilateral agreement will contribute to the development of Kosovo, the establishment of industrial zones in Kosovo, the development of cooperation in Technoparks, TEKMERs, KOSGEB and other fields, and assistance to Kosovo is better.. Text of an agreement to help it develop Prosperously. I hope that with this text of the agreement, this cooperation between the two countries will rise to a higher level.” He said.

Emphasizing that the Turkish Republic supports Kosovo in many areas, Damca concluded his words as follows:

Of course, a strong Turkey is needed for the stability of the Balkans. Thanks to this strong Türkiye, the Balkans are much more stable, prosperous and developed today. So for us, if home is Kosovo, then our home is Türkiye. Although these elections are taking place in Turkey, the heart and eye of the Balkans is May 14th. Our boss says: “The world is bigger than five.” We always say: “Türkiye is bigger than Türkiye”. So, the fact that Turkey is strong, that Turkey is standing behind a strong leader is a reason for us to be in the Balkans strongly. Therefore, your choice on May 14 is not only yours, but also ours. Your vote is a vote you will cast for us as well. Therefore, we are satisfied with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan until today. I sincerely hope that he and the Balkan countries will be with us in a more prosperous, developed and developed way in the next process.

After the words, the protocol is signed by Varank and Damka.

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