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Balkans |  Signing of a cooperation protocol between YÖKAK and IUS

A cooperation protocol has been signed between the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), which was founded in 2004 by Turkish and Bosnian entrepreneurs in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Higher Education Quality Council (YÖKAK).

Chairman of the IUS Board of Trustees Prof. Dr. Dr. Sevci Kurtulmus and Head of Yucak Prof. Dr. Dr. Also, the cooperation protocol signed by Mohsin Kar will increase the international visibility of the IUS.
In the statement he made at the signing ceremony, Carr drew attention to the importance of quality assurance, and said, “Accreditation provides assurance with regard to the quality of education in the place where students study when they go abroad for work or further education.” He said.

Carr pointed out that quality assurance actually guarantees students’ qualifications and facilitates student mobility, “The structures and work of national quality agencies are closely linked to the administrative structures of countries. Universities are independent structures because of academic freedom. Different applications, good applications can come out. This cooperation also has A dimension we learn from each other.” He said.

Referring to the agreement signed with IUS, Kar said: “Students graduating from IUS are accredited by a quality institution registered in the European Register of Quality Assurance, which practices quality assurance according to European standards, both in BH and worldwide. He will be able to say that he graduate “. He said.

Recalling the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Quality Assurance and Higher Education Development Agency (HEA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kar said: “The administrative structures of countries, the size and breadth of higher education are different. We have different experiences. First of all, we will share our experiences at the agency level.” Use phrases.

Kar indicated that they want to strengthen their relations with agencies in the countries located in the heart of Turkey.

Head of HEA Prof. Dr. Enes Hasic expressed his great pleasure in cooperating with YÖKAK and said, “It is very important for us to be able to benefit from the experience of a country like Turkey, which has a great educational field.” He said.

On the other hand, in the symposium “Achieving Quality Assurance in Higher Education Institutions” held at IUS, Prof. Dr. Dr. Snow has made presentations to students and academics.

source: Balkan News

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