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Balkans |  Signing of a declaration of cooperation between Italy, Croatia and Slovenia

A joint statement was signed by Italy, Croatia and Slovenia to strengthen cooperation in areas such as combating irregular migration, environment, economy and transport.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani, Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs Gordon Grelic Radman, Slovenian Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and European Affairs Tanja Vagon met in Ancona, Italy today for the fourth meeting of the Upper-Adriatic Trilateral Cooperation Meeting..

The ministers, who signed a joint statement after the tripartite meeting, signed a joint statement on strengthening maritime linkage in the Adriatic Sea, especially with regard to human smuggling and illegal immigration, and increasing coordination of national positions in the institutional bodies accredited in the European Union (EU). ) and strengthen tripartite cooperation.

Speaking at the joint press conference, Tajani said that they dealt with the issue of illegal immigration and human smuggling with a European vision, and said, “There is no other way to solve this issue across Europe, including protecting its external borders. We also looked at what is happening in Africa, because if I thought what’s happening here, the immigration problem can be solved.” He said.

Stressing that the Western Balkans region is of strategic importance for the future of the European Union and that the process of integration of the region with the European Union should be accelerated, Tajani said: “As Italy, we are the closest country to the region. We want to play a leading role in this region more than ever, from By strengthening relations with EU member states and candidates. Together we want to achieve stability in this region. Use the phrase.

“Illegal immigration is essentially human trafficking and should be dealt with as such.”

Visiting Croatian Minister Radman also mentioned that the three countries have expanded their cooperation in areas such as environmental protection and economy, from combating human smugglers to internal affairs, and said that there should be a European solution to the migration issue and that European borders should be necessary. be protected.

“Illegal immigration is fundamentally human trafficking and should be treated as such,” Radman said. Croatia has demonstrated in recent years that it has contributed to the fight against illegal immigration,” he said.

Radman, who shared the knowledge that they will host a conference on demining Ukraine in Zagreb on October 11-12, said, “This will be a continuation of our military and political support for Kiev. This is a project we are working on with our Ukrainian friends.” Use the phrase.

Slovenian Minister Tanja Vagon pointed out that the sea should not be a cemetery for migrants and said: “We often witness tragedies. We will conduct joint search and rescue exercises with Italy and Croatia, thanks to the Ancona Declaration, to maintain the humanitarian approach while addressing the issue of irregular migration.” made his comment.

Emphasizing the need to fight people smugglers across Europe, including strengthening the external borders of the Schengen area, Fagon said, “We are concerned about the increase in migration flows along the Balkan route.” Make an evaluation.

Tajani notes that the war must end for Ukraine’s NATO membership

At the press conference, when Tajani was asked about Ukraine’s candidacy process at the NATO summit to be held in Lithuania tomorrow, Tajani said: “I think the best option is to create the NATO-Ukraine Council to lay the foundation for Kiev’s future membership, which will be after the war.” gave the answer.

Expressing that they would try to get the attention of their allies in the south at the NATO summit in Vilnius, Tajani said: “We should definitely pay attention to what is happening in Ukraine in the east, but we should also look at what is happening in Africa and the Middle East. Because instability and the existence of Terrorism, wars and climate change are like an explosive mixture.” He said.


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