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Balkans |  Sıla Cibo’s book “Solitude in Thoughts” was presented in Prizren

Yesterday (04.03.2023) in Prizren, Sıla CİBO’s novel “İdealarda Isolated”, one of the young talents and writers of the Turkish Writers Association in Kosovo, was presented with a wide participation of literature lovers.

The launch of the book dedicated to the centenary of the founding of the Republic of Turkey began with a minute of silence for the martyrs and those who lost their lives in the February 6 earthquake.

In the preliminary meeting held in cooperation with the Association of Turkish Writers of Kosovo and the Association of Prizren for Broadcasting and Sympathy, the novel “Ideallere Isolation” published by the Publications of the Association of Turkish Writers in Kosovo, was presented by theater artist Sunay Paş, who read it parts of the novel.

Sympathy Association President Onur Kovac stated that they continue to strengthen the efforts of young people to show what they can do with the necessary conditions and encouragement, and expressed their gratitude to its members, Sela Sibu, and those who supported it.

Democratic Party of Kosovo Turkish MP Fidan Brenna Gelta congratulated Sela Cebu, who signed a job in high school, and expressed the belief that she would set an example for her friends.

Zenil Beksas, President of the Turkish Writers Association of Kosovo, stated that our goal as an association is to educate new generations and sincerely congratulated Sela, who surprised her.

TCPrizren Consul General Celal Doğan, at the beginning of his speech, took the opportunity to express his thanks to all institutions and organizations for showing solidarity with the earthquake victims. Doğan stated that in today’s world dominated by popular culture and social media, it is necessary to be proud that such work came from the Turks, a small community in Kosovo.

Mehdi Sibo, Director of Radio Prizren, who is also Sela’s grandfather, shared the excitement by attending the book promotion of his grandson, and spoke of the fondness and contributions of Prizren and thus the residents of Koraga Street to literature and culture.

Iskender Mozbeg, honorary president of the Turkish Writers’ Association of Kosovo, said, “The title of this novel, titled Solitude in Ideas, is philosophical, its story is full of bumps, and its message is a bumpy attempt to reach the light of hope in despair.”

Co-Chair of the Turkish Writers Association of Kosovo, teacher at Kosovo Institutes Yunus Emre and BALTAM Research Assistant. Taner Gutklotürk noted that the 105-page novel saw the light of day as the society’s 18th edition. Stating that “the work is a novel that criticizes known wrongs in society by using metaphors as its main theme”, Gutrek stressed that they will continue to support literary publishing and the continuation of the literary tradition, despite the limited opportunities as a union. .

Güçlütürk said, “One of our young talents, our writer has joined the literary generation with beautiful works. Our new generation continues to come with their new works and good works, congratulations. In this direction we would like to thank the author of the work and everyone who contributed to the publication of the publication. As the Association of Turkish Writers in Kosovo, we aim To publish the original literary works of the main generation in this geography, to support the young people who will carry this tradition into the future, and to shed light on their works.Our association, which continues its activities out of respect for gentlemen and encouragement of the younger generations, has the honor to publish such work.The Association of Turkish Writers in Kosovo, which Trying to carry out various activities throughout the country and the Balkans to gain new impetus for our literature without any commercial concerns, doing its best to support and protect this effort, which is an aesthetic product of language and thought, within limited possibilities.We would like to thank the individuals, institutions and organizations that contributed to the publication and promotion of this work Your biggest thanks to Sila Cebu, who made such an effort and brought this work into our literature, and the Cebu family, who have not given her all their support in her private life. Brighten up the art of literature in this land.

Journalist, communication and film scholar Benji Mozbeg states that she was one of the first to read the novel, while Nobel laureate Ursula Le Guin attempts to create a different, albeit hypothetical, world that is fair and meritorious, as well as “confused”. A novel “with a world imagined by Sila, and referred to hope.

Solitude in Ideas novelist Sela Sibo, born in Prizren in 2005, explained the reason for reading and writing, “If you still have hope in yourself, start reading. He also emphasized the need for someone to sacrifice writing for a better world.” Sibu said. He is trying to find the meaning of life by writing, “A person feels human while doing what he truly loves.”Sibu also expressed his gratitude to his family who supported him and to those who contributed to the publication of the book.

The promotion of the book ended with a family photo taken, the author’s signature and gifting of the book to the attendees.

Source: Kosovahaber

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