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Balkans |  Silvio, the new coach of Albania

The Albanian Football Association announced the appointment of Brazilian coach Silvio Mendes Campos Junior as coach of the national team.

And according to the statement made by the federation, Argentine Pablo Javier Zabaleta Giroud and Brazilian Dorival Guidoni Jr. were brought to the assistants of Silvio Mendez Campos Jr., known as Sylvinho in the football world.

The statement, which thanked the former coach of the national team, Eduardo Riga, stated the following:

An 18-month contract will be signed with Sylvinho and his assistants until the completion of UEFA Euro 2024. Our goal is for Albania to qualify for the European Championship finals. If this goal is achieved, the coach and his team will receive a huge reward.

Silvio Mendes announced that the contract with Campos Junior and his team will be signed on January 9 in the capital, Tirana.


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