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Balkans |  Skopje YEE Organized Seminar on “Turkish Series in the Balkans”

Skopje Yunus Emre Enstitüsü held a panel discussion on “Turkish TV Series in the Balkans” with the participation of the crew of Balkan Lullaby.


Yunus Emre Enstitüsü Assistant Vice President. Dr. Ahmet Naim Cicek, Leading Actor Erdal Özyagcilar, Actor Sylvie Inci, Balkan Lullaby Producer Ugur Ozunuk, Director Selahattin Sancakli, Scobey Yunus Emre Institusu, Director of Serhat Cola, Representatives of Turkish Institutions and Organizations and many guests.

Yunus Emre Institute Vice President Ahmet Naim Cicek gave information about the foundation’s activities in a statement to the press.

– “Turkish soap operas have an important contribution to transmitting Turkish culture to the world.”

Noting that they, as the institute, carry out more than a thousand cultural and artistic activities annually and carry out many activities in Skopje, Cicek said: “Today, we decided to hold our first activities on the Turkish TV series in Skopje. We are with the team of the Balkan Lullaby TV series. I would also like to point out That you know that we are the second country that exports TV series more than others in the world, and that our TV series have an important contribution to transmitting our Turkish language and Turkish culture to the world. He said.

Expressing that the Yunus Emre Institute will carry out an important task in terms of promoting and disseminating television series to more people, Cicek said: “The Yunus Emre Institute is a company that establishes friendships and ties and represents Turkey through the Yunus Emre philosophy, that is, the Yunus Emre philosophy from which it is named works on Increase the number of people you know. Today in Skopje, we will talk about the influence of Turkish TV series in contrast to our language, together with the Balkan Lullaby TV series.

– “I saw the quality in the fusion of different cultures in Manastir”

In his speech to the committee, the lead actor Erdal Özyagcilar said that during the filming of the TV series “Elveda Rumeli”, they noticed that the reflections in Turkey were very good.

Pointing out that “Farewell Rumelia” revives memories of immigrants from the Balkans in Turkey, Özyağcılar said, “There was a lot of longing until Farewell Rumelia exploded, and now these diary books have been opened. As Erdal Özyağcılar, I was very happy in terms of My role as an actor.I really lived here for 3 years because I saw the quality in the fusion of different cultures in Bitola (monastery), it’s very clean, Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Serbian, Bosnian whatever, but within this culture they all felt home, eating and drinking And he lived here. He rated it.

Özyagcilar explained that this communication within the communities of different cultures affected him a lot, “For example, there were Albanians there, especially in Bitola (monastery). For example, we saw great support from Albanians. Can you imagine we were filming mosque scenes in Albany Mosque And the imam would come and open the mosque, and we would put on overshoes and go in. Because he knew that we were doing something important, that is, we were talking about them, we were talking about the Macedonians, we were talking about others, this is how our chain began. He said.

– “Drama really creates beautiful connections between cultures”

Ozyagcilar also spoke about the series The Foreign Groom, which was also broadcast in Greece, and shared a comment by a Greek journalist with the participants:

A Greek historian wrote in his newspaper that I am an enemy of the Turks, but after watching the foreign yamadia, human relations, family relations, customs and traditions in Damat foreign affairs are very similar to our Greek people even if I don’t “I have great sympathy”, it is still a very successful production. He says he was very happy that she played in Greece; And it starts by saying that I am an enemy of the Turks, in other words, movies and series really lead to very good connections between cultures.”

– “We made this drama (Balkan Lullaby) for this place.”

Erdal Özyagcilar, who said he felt a duty when the Balkan Lullaby series show came up, said, “They showed Balkan Lullaby, we came here to play. We also get good feedback. Our place in the world rankings in Turkey is not very nice, but I don’t take it anymore.” Seriously. For this reason, I don’t take it seriously because there are some TV series, there are classic romantic love series that we know. We are a cultural ambassador here, and we also work on some TV series. It’s very loved and well-known in the Balkan geography. We’ve already made these chain for this place. Use his statements.

Happy with my director, screenwriter and actor friends, Özyağcılar said, “I hope it continues because as I said, this is something he likes here. He describes the people of this place, its stone, its soil, its bridge. We are cultural ambassadors here, and I think we got the reward here in the Balkans.” So, these are spinoffs of the third TV series we just watched, Goodbye Rumelia, Foreign Groom, and Balkan lullaby.” He rated it.

In the panel “Turkish Series in the Balkans” directed by Skopje Yunus Emre Enstitüsü director Serhat Cola, along with Erdal Ozyagcilar, actor Sylvie Enci, Balkan Lullaby producer Ugur Uzunc and director Selahattin Sancakli.

Before the session, a video consisting of sections from the TV series Elveda Rumeli, Foreign Groom and Balkan Lullaby, starring Erdal Özyagcilar, was shown.

And at the end of the program, gifts were presented to the participants in the episode.

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