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Balkans |  Southern Bosnia and Herzegovina fascinates with its historical and natural beauties

Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj and Kravice become corners of paradise by taking on different shades of green with the advent of summer.

The cities of Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj and Kravić in the south of the western country of Bosnia and Herzegovina await their visitors with their cultural and historical riches, fertile nature and magnificent beauty.

These four cities, which attract attention with their cultural richness as well as their lush nature, are emerging as a new avenue for tourists visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina within walking distance of each other.

Mostar, one of the first cities that comes to mind when Bosnia and Herzegovina is mentioned, fascinates those who see it with its natural beauty and sad memories of the Bosnian War (1992-1995).

Home to the historic Mostar Bridge, built in 1566 by Mimar Hayreddin, a student of Mimar Sinan, Mostar also dazzles its visitors with the Neretva River known for its emerald green colour.

The bridge, 24 meters high, 30 meters long and 4 meters wide, which gave its name to the city of Mostar, has the distinction of being the sad face of Mostar after it was destroyed by Croatian forces during the Bosnian war in 1993 and was restored and reopened in 2004.

Visitors, who have the chance to “live through history by passing through a time tunnel” on the way to the bridge by walking through the narrow streets of the Ottoman Bazaar, also have the chance to closely witness Mostar’s oldest bridge tradition, the hops.

When visiting Mostar, Doga Çalci, a native of Istanbul, said that she had the opportunity to taste local dishes such as soup, and said, “Mostar has affected us in a good and bad way. We have seen the Ottoman history and the beauties they left in a good way. The massacres that took place here during the Bosnian war. This affected us badly.” He said.

Blagaj Inn and Pocitelj’s Ottoman-scented atmosphere

Blagaj, located 15 kilometers from Mostar, is also known as the “address of peace” to tourists. Home to the Blagay inn, founded by dervishes from Anatolia before the Ottoman Empire, the city offers postcard-like beauty with the spring of the Buna River next to the inn.

The idea that Blagay Lodge, also known as Alperenler Lodge, was founded by dervishes from Anatolia 600 years ago gives visitors peaceful moments, while the rocky and river scenery around the lodge fascinates viewers.

Adna Sekriv, who came from Hungary, said he visited Blagay Lodge for the first time and said, “The nature is amazing. I was very impressed with the interior of the Tekke. I love visiting these houses built in the Ottoman style.” He said.

Nabil Yavuz, who comes from Turkey, said she was stunned by the beauty in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina and said, “It is a very beautiful feeling to live in history. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are very respectful and hospitable to Turks. The hostel here has a completely different atmosphere. Words are not enough. What we see here with our own eyes Better than half of it.” Use phrases.

The historical Ottoman village of Pocitelj, which draws attention with its stone houses built on the edges of the mountain on the road after Blagaj, takes its visitors on a journey through history with its authentic structure.

Built in the 15th century with a view of Neretva, the “Stone Village” impresses those who see it with what remains of the Shisman Ibrahim Pasha Mosque, clock tower, castle, madrasa, Turkish bath, and inn.

The village has a fairytale appearance with its tall windows and embroidered curtains, and it also provides a wonderful view from its castle, which can be reached by stone stairs.

Natural wonder Kravice Waterfall

Kravice Waterfall, located 40 kilometers from Mostar, is one of the corners of paradise in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kravice, which is 30 meters high amidst lush trees, is one of the stations where tourists can pass their time with pleasure.

Kravice Waterfall, where tourists from all over the world come to swim and explore nature in the summer months, is in a position to get away from the noise of the city and spend a quiet time in the winter months.

Nikola Glatky, who came to Kravice from Lithuania, stated that the view of the waterfall was “amazing” and said: “We also went to Mostar and Blagaj. I think there are places that everyone should visit. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are very helpful.” He said.

Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj and Kravice, which attract the attention of tourists in Bosnia and Herzegovina especially in the summer months, continue to welcome their visitors with their culture, nature and offer the beauty of the country.


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