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Balkans |  Speaker of the Şentop Parliament in Western Thrace

The President of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Mustafa Şentop, paid various visits to Komotini as part of his contacts with Western Thrace.

Şentop, within the scope of his communications in Komotini, where he came with his delegation, the late D. He visited the tomb of Sadiq Ahmed in the Kahveji cemetery and prayed.

In his speech here, Şentop mentioned that he would go to Xanthi for breakfast and suhoor after his visit to Komotini, and said: “Every time we come here, we remember Sadiq Ahmed, the leader of Western Thrace. Ahmed is the symbolic name of our compatriots’ struggle for equality and democracy in Western Thrace.” .

Ontop pointed out that Sadiq Ahmed is a legal and political killer.

The Friendship, Equality and Peace Party, whose founder Ahmed is in good hands, Şentop emphasized, “the younger generations will continue their struggle against discrimination.” He said.

Ahmed is also an important name for the 85 million people living in Turkey, Şentop stated, adding that Dr. He said he named him Sadiq Ahmed.

Later, Şentop and his entourage visited the Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Western Turkic Minority of Thrace and the elected Mufti of Komotini, Ibrahim Sharif, in his office.

“Türkiye’s friendship is valuable and worth preserving”

Şentop also participated in the express breakfast program in Koyunköy, Xanthi as part of his visit to Western Thrace.

In his speech here, Şentop said he was happy to break the fast with his compatriots and said, “I bring you the greetings of our president, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, from our homeland. Today we are approaching the end of this blessed month, on the 23rd of Ramadan, which is actually the beginning of mercy, and the middle of forgiveness, And the end of salvation from Hell. In addition, we are in the days when the Night of Decree disappears, which was heralded to be better than a thousand months. Use phrases.

Owentop stated that they spent Ramadan this year in sorrow and grief due to the earthquakes that struck Turkey.

Explaining that they remember the earthquake victims at every iftar and suhoor, Şentop continued as follows:

The deep pain we feel for the tens of thousands of our compatriots who lost their lives in the earthquake catastrophe in Turkey still hurts us. In fact, I went to the earthquake zone several times during Ramadan, and I even had my first iftar in Hatay with the earthquake victims. I saw their faith and resilience up close. However, I cannot pass without saying that until all earthquake victims have reached a permanent home where they will be settled in peace and security, our bitterness will not go away and we will not be able to rest. I hope we will work tirelessly to achieve this.”

Owentob stressed the importance of the loyal support and assistance of the citizens of Western Thrace and the Greek government, and especially thanked the citizens for their assistance.

Noting that Turkey also thanked all the Greek people, Şentop said, “We will not forget this helping hand in our difficult days. Turkey’s friendship is precious and worth preserving. We also stood in solidarity with the Greek government and the Greek people after the disastrous train accident that occurred in Greece on the night of February 28 It led to the deaths of nearly 60 people. On this occasion, I once again express my condolences.” He said.

Owentop said that in recent months, solidarity diplomacy with Greece had been offered and that the two sides had mutually canceled military exercises and activities in the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean.

Şentop emphasized that they would like to strengthen relations with Greece on the basis of a positive agenda, as in the current atmosphere:

We expect that the current course of our relations with Greece will reflect positively on the minorities that we see as a bridge of friendship between us. We’ve done our part in this regard for a long time already. We have taken important steps in recent years to improve the situation of the Greek Orthodox minority in Turkey. It is natural to expect that these constructive steps will be mutual in relation to you and our esteemed brothers and sisters from the Turkish West Thrace minority. The Greek people and their government have shown in the best and most sincere way how close they are to the Turkish people in recent months. We hope that this sincere expression of friendship will have a positive impact on advancing the rights of our relatives in the near future. As the Turkish minority, we expect you to be free to express your ethnic identity, to be free at a level befitting an EU member state while fulfilling your religious obligations, and to solve problems you have been plaguing for decades. Education Field “.

Pointing out that they closely follow the rights, law, liberties, deprivations and troubles of the people of Western Thrace, Şentop stated that they will always follow the cause of Western Thrace.

Ontop stressed that despite the ongoing problems between Greece and Turkey, it has been proven that a positive relationship can be established, stressing that they want to solve the current problems through constructive dialogue based on international law.

Noting that the similar Turkish-Turkish Western Thracian states constitute the most important dimension in relations between Greece and Turkey, Şentop said, “Knowing that Turkey will always stand behind you, we wish you to walk with confidence and pride towards a prosperous future.” He said.

Ontop also referred to Israel’s aggressions against Palestine and said: “Israel’s aggressions against our Muslim brothers, who have no purpose other than to pray in peace at Al-Aqsa, and who are trying to commemorate this blessed month, mainly target all Muslims. Unfortunately, the international community ignores the longstanding Israeli attacks.” The term is imposed on Palestine, which has violated international law. Israel also sees this as a green light, a permit, and increases the dose of its violations day by day. Use phrases.

Stressing that the international community ignores the Israeli attacks on Palestine, which overshadows international law, Şentop stated that, as Turkey, it stands by Palestine and condemns the provocative Israeli position aimed at condemning the issue to bankruptcy.

Şentop indicated that they are continuing to raise the issue at the bilateral and multilateral levels, and said that they expect the status and sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque not to be violated.

Şentop was accompanied during their visit by Turkey’s ambassador to Athens, Çatay Erciyes, and Turkish Consul General in Komotini Aykut Onal.


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