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Balkans |  Special security requests from Real Madrid in Belgrade

In Turkish Airlines’ third game in the Euroleague, Real Madrid head to Belgrade for their away game against Partizan.

After the big fight at the end of the second match in Madrid, the Spanish delegate demanded special security conditions and measures to prevent further tension.

According to news in the Israeli press, the Walla Sport website demanded that Real Madrid, after its arrival in Serbia on Monday, increase security in the hotel for 24 hours, escort the police to the Stark Arena stadium to training sessions, and attend security. near me during the game.

All of Real Madrid’s demands are as follows:

The car will transport the convoy directly from the airport landing site, so that it does not enter the airport and does not make contact with the community.

During the team’s movements, the police will closely monitor: from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the hall, from the hall to the hotel, for training and matches, from the hotel to the airport, etc.

There will be security around the hotel around the clock.

The security of the team will be increased while inside the hall, especially during the match near the seats.

In the same news, it was reported that all these demands were approved by the Partizan and Belgrade authorities.

What happened?

In the second match of the Euroleague play-off series, which was held between the Spanish giants Real Madrid and the Serbian team Partizan, with 1 minute and 40 seconds left in the match, Real Madrid veteran Sergio Lull fouled midfielder Kevin Ponter badly.

After the aforementioned foul, the two players started to brawl and the players of both teams clashed with each other within seconds.

Real Madrid’s Yabosil nearly knocked down Partizan’s Dante Exum, while Partizan’s Matias Lysort knocked out Real Madrid’s Dzanan Musa.

After the fight, which lasted about 45 seconds, the fight ended and the players and technical committees of both teams were almost punished.

THY EuroLeague Management has suspended Guerschon Yabusele for 5 matches, Kevin Punter for 2, Gabriel Deck 1 and Mathias Lessort 1.

The council also announced that the two teams had been fined 50,000 euros.

source: newsturk

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