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Balkans |  State of emergency in southern Serbia

A state of emergency has been declared in Prijepolje, New Pazar (Novi Pazar) and Senice (Sjenica) due to heavy rains in southern parts of Serbia, especially in Sanjak district.

The Trnafica, Gusanica and Rasca rivers overflowed on New Sunday, as the rains were in effect for two days. Two people have been reported missing in the Trnafica River. The city government urged citizens to stay away from potentially dangerous rivers and other streams and bridges.

in the city center Flood More than 200 buildings, including homes, schools and apartments, were flooded in Sines.

In Prijepolje, where the water level of the Lima River continues to rise at a rate of 7 cm per hour, citizens at risk have been evacuated in some areas where small rivers overflow.

The authorities warn of the possibility of more rain in the coming days.

The heavy rains that were effective in the region also caused problems in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: Drones / Balkan News

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