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Balkans |  Statement “gunshots” from the NATO peacekeeping force “KFOR” in Kosovo

The NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo, KFOR, announced that gunfire was heard near the patrol teams.

KFOR confirmed to the Kosovo media that gunfire was heard near its soldiers who were patrolling in the north of the country, but reported that there were no casualties, injuries or property damage in the incident.

In other news, the Kosovo Police denied allegations of involvement in armed conflict in Zubin Potok, in the north of the country.

In a statement from the Kosovo Police, “There was no attack on the Kosovo Police. There was no conflict between the Kosovo Police and any group.” Data included.

“The pro-regime media in Serbia are trying to stir up an armed conflict in Kosovo by publishing false reports of clashes near Zubin Potok,” the Prime Minister of the President of Kosovo, Viuza Osmani, Plenin Vila, shared on his social media account. Use his statements.

A call to remove the barricades

Kosovo’s Interior Minister, Çelal Svechla, reiterated her call for the removal of barriers in the north of the country through her social media account.

Stating that Serbia should stop creating illegal structures in Kosovo, Svicla said, “I call on the public not to fall prey to Serbian propaganda to incite new conflict and cooperate with the police forces.” Use his statements.

Serbian President Vucic met with the Chief of the General Staff

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met with Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and Chief of General Staff Milan Mošelović after the news in the local media that “the Kosovo police wanted to remove barricades set up by Serbs in Zubin Potok and clashes broke out”.

Speaking to a local TV channel after the meeting, Mujcelovic noted that the main issue in his talks with Vucic was the general situation in northern Kosovo.

Mojcelovic, who said he was on his way to Rasca, near the Kosovo border, said: “I am on the road now. The tasks assigned to the Serbian army will be carried out and carried out with precision and clarity.” He said.

Mojcelovic also said that he was in a position to have the Serbian army near the border.

Serbian media announced that gunshots were heard in Zubin Potok in the evening, as a result of an attempt by the Kosovo police to remove a barricade in northern Kosovo.

Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia

Tensions between Kosovo and Serbia escalate after the arrest of former Serbian police officer Dejan Pantec.

In response to Bantik’s detention, Kosovo Serbs have been manning the barricades they have set up at the Yarenje and Brinjak border crossings since 10 December.

The European Union, NATO and the United States of America called for de-escalation and the removal of roadblocks in northern Kosovo, and Serbia asked the NATO peacekeeping force in Kosovo to deploy the Serbian army and police in northern Kosovo.

Serbia considers Kosovo, which unilaterally declared its independence in 2008, to be its territory.

Serbia and Kosovo, which clash periodically, are trying to find a common way to normalize relations, and eventually the two countries get to know each other, within the scope of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue process initiated in 2011 with the mediation of the European Union.


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