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Balkans |  Step to combat illegal immigration from Austria, Hungary and Serbia

A meeting called the “Immigration Summit” was held in Vienna, the capital of Austria.

A joint press conference was held after the summit, which was attended by Austrian Prime Minister Nehammer, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban and Serbian President Vucic.

Pointing out the importance of tripartite cooperation on irregular migration and human smuggling, Nehammer said that the EU refugee system is not working, therefore bilateral and tripartite cooperation is necessary.

Irregular migration is an issue that directly affects three countries, Nehammer said, “Austria, Hungary and Serbia have firmly reined in asylum. The measures we have taken together are starting to take effect.” He said.

700 human traffickers were arrested last year

Nemer noted that the number of immigrants decreased significantly after Serbia abolished visa liberalization for India and Tunisia.

Nehammer indicated that about 700 human smugglers were arrested last year in cooperation with the Serbian, Hungarian and Austrian police, and stressed that the cooperation between the security forces will deepen further with this meeting.

Nemer said that the three countries agreed to protect borders and increase cooperation in the field of combating irregular migration, and that this would facilitate dealing with structures set up by human smugglers and criminal organizations.

Orban protects Europe from refugees

On the other hand, Hungarian Prime Minister Orban said that his country is protecting Europe from the pressure of refugees, and that if Hungary does not effectively protect its borders, the number of illegal immigrants in countries such as Austria, Germany and the Netherlands will be many. higher.

Hungary’s immigration strategy is very simple, Orbán said, “No one who has not completed their asylum application can enter the Hungarian border. People whose asylum application has been approved can enter Hungary. This is the method that Hungary uses.” He said.

Orban, who suggested that the EU recommended member states accept a certain number of immigrants and “create a ghetto for immigrants” for them, said that they would not implement this decision made by the EU and would not accept the binding quota.

“We need to protect ourselves not only from migrants, but also from Brussels,” Orban said. Use phrases.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the three countries have begun to achieve positive results from the joint steps they have taken so far.

Vucic said he was pleased that the number of asylum seekers in Austria decreased by 80 percent in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period the previous year.

Stating that they are always ready to continue cooperation and that controls should be strengthened, especially on the border with North Macedonia, Vucic added that with the said agreement, the problem of irregular migration can be kept under control.

A memorandum of understanding was signed between the two parties

Following the press conference, a memorandum defining policies to combat irregular migration was signed between the concerned authorities in the three countries.

Meanwhile, a group protested in front of the Prime Minister’s office where the meeting took place.


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