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Balkans |  Strong interest in the IUS scholarship exam

More than 1,500 students have taken the scholarship exam organized by the International University of Sarajevo (IUS), which was founded in 2004 by Turkish entrepreneurs in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

While the scholarship exam held at the IUS campus of the Sarajevo Education Development Foundation (SEDEF) attracted great interest, IUS Rector Ahmet Yıldırım provided information about the IUS and the scholarship exam.

Yıldırım said, “We have about 1,590 applications (for the exam) this year, which is a 60 percent increase compared to last year, but we also have students who come without registration. This is a case that shows that the IUS has proven its quality now. We are very satisfied.” . He said.

Noting that interest in the International Science Committee (IUS) is increasing every year, Yıldırım said that this is an indication of the quality of education at the university.

Yıldırım stated that IUS has become a university that is accepted by everyone and the best students want to study there, and expressed their pride in the university in this context.

Stating that students have the opportunity to study at the university in an “international environment”, Yıldırım said, “As a university whose educational processes are well known, accompanied by international professors, we offer modern education with laboratory infrastructures.” Use phrases.

Yildirim called on the students to continue “studying and learning” and informed that there are participants from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia and North Macedonia as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina for the exam.

Muhammad Yasir Gouz, Head of the Department of Visual Arts and Communication Design (VACD), mentioned that IUS differs from other universities in the region in terms of its curricula, and said:

“The biggest factor in this is the implementation of a system other than the systems that were implemented in the region before, the implementation of an integrated system. How can we explain it, the biggest factor is that students choose which courses they want to go to in the fields they want, except for moving between departments. Or that students can change which departments they prefer when they come here. This ability to make changes is one of the biggest features that distinguishes our university from other regional universities.”

Jose noted that the most popular courses at IUS are software engineering, visual arts and communication design, psychology, and English language and literature.

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